Friday, September 14, 2012

Spinach, cream and Ikea !

Tonight, I’m going to Ikea with my youngest sister.
We’re going to spend my sister’s money for her new tiny apartment.
We’re going to have fun.
We’re going to eat over there.
I’m going to eat Ikea’s meat balls, with sauce and French fries. Maybe a glass of rosé and surely a piece of this terrible daim cake, that my stomach loves so much, while my hips    hate it …
And as I’m a good wife and a good mother, before leaving my children and my husband, I will cook for them.

They’ll have the glorious privilege to eat … spinach !

… What ?...

I am going to make sport ! I need some sugar in my blood !

Who can say that to spend three hours in Ikea is not a sport ??...

First  : you can’t go right on what you’re looking for ! You have to make all the tour of the store ! You walk for hours !

Second : If you forget something, and you have to coming back to one specific space, you have to fight against the human stream who comes over you !...
Kayak against stream and sometimes street fighting ! 

Third : When it’s 22h00 and everybody have to get out, you have to run to find the emptiest cash register !
Sprint ! 

And finally, Fourth : Go back to your car and unload your cart to load your trunk ! …
Weight lifting !

So, as my body will endure sufferance, I need some calories.

My children and my husband won't make sport.
That’s the reason why I take care of them and cook spinach !

As I have to be ready for 19h00, this is the way I cook when I’m really in late !

Here what you’ll need :

  • 1 kg of frozen spinach
  • Some frozen onions
  • Some frozen garlic
  • Olive oil
  • 20 cl of semi heavy cream.

Step 1 : 
In olive oil, make your onions become brown (low fire and salt). It won’t be as brown as if they were fresh.
If you’ve got time and fresh onions, use them. 

Step 2 :

Add the garlic. 
If you’ve got time and fresh garlic, use it. 

Step 3 : 

Pour the frozen spinach on it, and let them cook on a low fire, until they’re cooked ! 
Easy, right ?

Step 4 : 

When it’s done, add the cream. Stir all that. Salt. Pepper.
That’s it ! 

With fish with breadcrumbs ...

Or white fish. 
I'm sure they will be in Heaven ! 

Sorry, I have to go before my children ask for pizza.

Woman : 
"I've missed you so much ...
The hotel's bed was sooo bad ...
I never could find a good position to sleep ...
I will never leave you again...
... Never ..."

Man : 
"Do you have some sun cream ?..."


  1. Have fun at IKEA :) I love creamed spinach, I remember my parents made some for us when we were kids, yum :) It's a very French thing, though. I don't think I've ever heard a kid say "yum, spinach" in the US or Canada ;)

    1. Lol !! I have to say that, between french fries and spinach, my children won't have a cornelian choice ! But they like it ;)