Sunday, September 16, 2012

chocolate mousse (mousse au chocolat)

Today, it's my son's birthday ...
No, you're not on the wrong page, you read well.
My son is born in September the 16th, so 4 days after but 3 years before my daughter !

When he was youngest, it was quiet difficult to make him understand why the hell his sister, who were born AFTER him, should have her gift four days BEFORE him ...

He's born the same day as my youngest sister (yes, the one which who I went to Ikea), 16 years
later !
They've got a game ... Who will call the first ? And who will shout faster than the other "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" ?

Crazy family...

He's 13 years old, today.

One morning, he asked me :
"Mum !!! I feel something right here. Is this a hair which is growing on my chin ???"
I looked and answered :
"No, son ... it is dried dribble...".

In my family's side, we're not tall. In my husband's family, they're almost giant ! My daughter took from my husband's family.
My son took from us...
He looks like my mother.
He's not small but her sister is almost as tall as him.
They look like each other and some people think they're are twins.
He doesn't like that !
He's got the same feet as me...
He doesn't like that either !
He's got a huge sense of humour and make us laugh a lot.
He plays tennis but his trainer becomes mad because he doesn't want to play competition.
He wants to play for pleasure.
No one can make him changes his mind.
It makes me proud of him.
And it drives me crazy !
He's becoming independent and we trust him totally.
I hope we're not wrong.
He's really, truly kind.
Even if he grows, he still gives me cuddles.
And I love that.

Joyeux anniversaire, mon grand.

The gnome wanted "Mousse au chocolat", for his birthday. Some recipes are more sophisticated.
But remember : I'm a busy woman, and save time is my favorite game !

This is a delicious but fast recipe of chocolate mousse.

For 3/4 persons, if you don't eat too much.
For 2 persons, if you're greedy ;)

Here what you'll need :
  • 100 grammes of dark chocolate
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 tablespoon of water.

Step 1 :
Begin separating white for yolk !
I use the "Nigella's method". I LOVE LOVE this english cook.
Not only for what she cooks but most of all, for the way she is.

Step 2 :
Add a pinch of salt in your whites. It will help them to set.
With a food processor, whisk them.

Whisk until the white become like a voluptuous cream and you can put your bowl upside down without making the eggs fall in your sink.

Tadaaaaaa ! 

Step 3 : 
Add the water to the dark chocolate and go in the microwave for 15 seconds.
It's always better to make your chocolate melt slowly, step by step. 
You won't burn it this way.

After 15 seconds, here what he looks like.

Stir it and if it's not enough, you can put it 10 seconds more in the microwave, until it becomes like ... THAT :

Step 5 : 
Now the yolks ...

"Georges ... I don't like the way the woman above, is looking at us ..."

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh !!"

Pour the melted chocolate ann VERY quickly, whip all that ! The chocolate don't have to cook the eggs.

"Don't worry, Paul, it was just a blanket. Everything's fine !"

"Paul ?... PAUL, answer me !!"

Step 6 : 
Now, the delicate but not difficult part. You're going to add the white to the yolks.
Often, the chocolate mixture is too hard to melt immediately with the whites.
So, I use another Nigella's method : I pour one spoon of beaten whites and I stir without taking care. 
It will help us to incorporate the rest of the mixture much more easily. 

After this, incorporate the whites very gently, going from the middle to the edges, lifting up the mixture.

If some pieces of whites stay, with a spatula, disintegrate them without explode them.

At the end, it won't be perfect, don't worry, but I promise it will be delicious.

Step 7 : 
Put some cling film on them and in the fridge for 3 HOURS MINIMUM.

After 5 hours...
I use to make this mousse when I've got friends at home.
For 6 persons, I take 8 eggs and 200 grammes of chocolate.
You can also make it with white chocolate or milk chocolate. 
You can end with some white chocolate shavings, for decoration.
You can also alternate the various chocolates : a layer dark, a layer white, a layer milk, for example.
And better ... You can add to the mixture, the zest of one orange. It will give such a different but fantastic flavor to this delicious but conventional mousse.

Happy birthday, my gnome !

And ...


  1. I love chocolate mousse and this looks like a recipe I could actually do. I don't care for "fussy" recipes.

    Loved your words about your son, he sounds like he's growing up to be a great man. Happy birthday to him!

    1. Thank you very much, monstergirlee !
      I'm not careful enough to cook fussy recipes ;)
      But I admit that I like to eat them ... when I'm invited !
      But I think cooking can be simple and everyone can cook. You know, 5 years ago, I was very very bad at cooking.
      And one day, I said "Ok, you won't be a chef, but you won't be a bad cook either !".
      I've began by looking for easy recipes. And it works.
      When I look for a recipe on internet, I always type : "easy and fast ....".


    I am going to try this :) I cook lots but usually not dessert.
    But this....I will try!
    thank you!

    1. THANK YOU !!! ;)) I'll tell him !!
      If you try it, please, give me your opinion.
      Thanks to you for your words ;)

  3. Happy birthday to your gnome :) He sounds like a really nice kid! I LOVE this chocolat mousse and make it often... except that I make ONE little change: I whip some whipping cream and add it to the mixture, it makes the mousse even more fabulous :D (Sometimes I also add a little bit of rum to my melted chocolat, or armaniac, or whatever alcohol I have, or some instant coffee powder, to change the taste just a little bit). YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also use the same chocolate but I can't find it here, in Canada, so I can only use it when my aunt sends me some... life is hard ;)

    1. Thank you for my gnome ;))
      Rhhho, I never tried with alcohol ! You're giving me ideas !! Even with coffee, it seems delicious, you're right. I'll try it and tell you.

      This chocolate is not in Canada ? :( ... this chocolate is my best enemy ... soupir ... I LOVE it even just to eat, like that.

  4. Beautiful recipe! I will definitely try it.

    I love Nigella also, not just because of the way she cooks but the way she is...

    She's beautiful and a great cook, but she appears to be a really good wife and mother and she understands the value of good food...

    1. I agree with you, about Nigella. I don't know her in her private life, but I love her food's values she wants to transmit.
      And when she cooks, it's poetry !

  5. aw what a sweet post! happy birthday to your son!

    1. Thank you very much, a. maren. For him and for me ;)
      And thank you for posting !

    2. this looks and sounds great! I have no birthdays to celebrate in the near future, but I am going to have to make it anyway, just because!

    3. And you would be totally right !! No need to special time to take pleasure eating :D
      Thank you for commenting !