Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Curried zucchini (courgettes au curry)

That's true, curry is not typically french ...
But I'm challenging everyday to make my children eat vegetables. And they LOVE curry ...
You'll find some other recipes with it, soon.

I don't use a real curry paste. I'm just to lazy to go in several shop, so I take the curry powder in my usual supermarket.
And it's fine.

You'll need :

  • 5 - 6 zucchini (italian word ;) ... In french, "courgette").
  • 20 cl of crème fraîche (you can use heavy cream, don't worry !)
  • 15 cl of coconut milk 
Listen to me ... Or better : read me ...
I'm giving you some measures, because when I ask my mother in law to give some recipes, she's always saying :"some butter ... a little bit of cream... the half of a glass...etc ...".
And it's driving crazy !
I always say  : "No, no, no ! Please ...How many butter ?... How many cream ?.... What is the SIZE of the glass ???!!!".
So, today, I feel a little bit obligated, even if it's only regarding myself (because my dearest mother in law don't use internet), to give you measures.
BUT .... BUT ... DON'T FORGET ONE THING : The ingredients must be those ones, but the quantities have to be as YOU like.

... Ok, ok, I carry on with my recipe ;)
  • 1 onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Olive oil 
  • Salt and pepper, of course. I never say "salt and pepper", because, for me, it's obvious that we'll use salt and pepper. Except if we're making a diet without salt. 

Step 1 :
You can notice that this is often this way that my recipes begin ... But life wouldn't be the same without olive oil, garlic and onion ...
I think the next progress of technology should be to add the perfumes to images.
To use only for culinary shows, please !
Cut the onion and make them fry gently in olive oil. Salt and low fire.

Step 2 :
When they begin to brown, same punishment for garlic !

Step 3 :
Cut the zucchini. For me, as always, I like to cut them in triangle !
Yet, I was very bad in geometry, when I was a child.

Step 4 :
Add them in olive oil, garlic and onion and let them on a high fire, to become brown.

Step 5 :
You could eat them at this step, if you want. Sometimes, that's what I do.
If you want to continue, add 4 or 5 tablespoon of curry powder.
Be careful : I give you this indication because my curry powder is not strong ! As I told you, I bought it in supermarket, not in the exotic grocery.
You have to know your curry ... Or he will kill you ... ;)

Stir all that until curry is really coating your zucchini.

Step 6 : After 2 minutes (not more), and after your zucchini are well coated, pour crème fraiche and coconut milk.

And mix gently.

Let cook 5 minutes more with low fire.

And that's ready ! 

You can eat them with rice, of course, pasta or, like here, with beef.

My husband prepared us those steaks. One day, I'll post his recipe.

... Saying that makes me understand that Vincent (my husband) cooks often ... 
Oh Oh ... Does it means that I'll have to take down the garbage for him ??


  1. I am going to make this tonight -- thanks!!! I love your recipes and photos. Thanks for blogging!

    1. Thank you, Susan ! This is a recipe your husband can eat. Please, tell me if you liked it ;)

    2. Axelle, this recipe was delicious!! big thumbs up, we loved it :-)

    3. Ah, I'm very happy to know that you loved it, Susan ! This a dish we often eat and very quick to cook.

    4. It's going on my "list" of go-to things to make. Thanks! I had the last bit for lunch today -- yum!

  2. I just love reading your blog...keep up the good work (cooking!)! I will need to try a recipe or two sometime, too. :D

    1. Thank you, Brenda !!
      Just tell me which one you will try;)

  3. Axelle, Great! This weekend I will make your chicken and green olive recipe. And the eggplant caviar. And the zucchini. Superb. You shouldn't have to take out the garbage--that's the children's job--but maybe you should rub his shoulders while your children do the dishes! And enjoy a pastise with him. Your blog is fun! Jamie

  4. Hello Jamie and thank you for stopping here !
    You're going to cook all that during the week end ?? GREAT ! Don't forget, please, to tell me if you liked it and what did you prefer.
    Aaahh, LE PASTIS !! ... I'm ashamed to say that I have NEVER tasted it. I know, I know ... The failure of a myth ...But my parents and sisters love it ;)
    Thank you for your words. Hope you'll come back soon.

  5. Sometimes I love curry. And sometimes I don't : ) It's hit or miss for me. I am so glad the kids are eating veggies. You are a great Mama!