Saturday, September 8, 2012

Easy Pie Crust (Pâte brisée)

I'm always running after time.
I've got the feeling that I'm running ALL THE TIME ! ...
Usain Bolt, compared with me, is a slowpoke !
And there's no one... NO ONE at home, to make me climb on the highest step of a podium !
What an unfair life I live...
If one day, someone wants to organize the Housewives Olympic Games, I'm sure, for once in my life, I could try to win a medal !

So, as I'm running all the time between work, school, supermarket, doctors...Etc ... like million other persons, men or women, I'm thinking all the time to "how can I simplify this or this ...".

Usually, I buy Frozen Pie Crust. We can find very good and very healthy pie crust, now.  It's a good way to save time.

But one terrible, dramatic day ... I forgot to buy it, while I had 6 persons coming to eat at home.
After 10 minutes of hysterical panic ... I decided to see if Internet could help me.
I went on my computer and began typing : "Very easy and very quick recipe of pie crust with food processor".

And the God of Internet answered me ...
We don't have to keep good things for ourselves . That's the reason why I'm going to share with you this recipe.

You'll need :

  • 200 grammes of flour
  • 100 grammes of cold butter
  • 1 egg beaten 
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon of cold water
  • A food processor (you can do it with hands, of course. But it wasn't my goal !)
  • And if you want to make a SUGARED pie crust (because mine was for salted one), ADD to all that : 2 tablespoon of icing sugar.

Step 1 :
Add flour, salt (and icing sugar if you use it here) and the cold butter cut up in small pieces.

Step 2 :
Mix all that with your food processor,  speed 2 (mine has 8 speed), until it looks like a kind of bread crumbs.

Step 3 : 
Add the beaten egg, 

This is toy of my girl ;) It's very practical, because small ! 

...the lemon juice,

and the cold water. 

Let's miiiiix again ... like we did last summer ! Come on, let's mix again, like we did last year, do you remember when ... Ok, I stop...
Until you have an homogeneous pastry. It's fast enough.

Step 4 :
On a floured plan, make a ball !

Step 5 : Roll it in a cling film and in the fridge for 30 minutes. It will be easier to flatten. Your pie crsut is ready !

Step 6 : With rolling pin, flat the pastry.

Now, I'm going to show you the technic to put it in a pie pan without breaking the pastry.
This video is the third my girl made. 
The first and the second, my pastry went in pieces ! 
After 10 minutes of yoga for me, to prevent the pastry to fly over the window, I think this video can be shared ;)


And the winner is ... 


  1. Axelle, what a great post this is. It makes me want to bake and it is very hot outside here and no one wants to be in the kitchen. Good job!
    love and prayers, jep (your friend from the Quiet Life Comments section)

  2. Hello Jep, I'm very happy to read you here !! Of course, I remember you in Quiet life ;D !!
    I thank you for your sweet words. Each time, it's a pleasure.
    I' hope you'll come back soon ;)

  3. My Mom makes the most delicious pie crusts : ). Yours looks fabulous. I am glad the internet came through for you! YUM!

  4. Thank you very much !
    The pie crust of our mums are always better. That's what my husband used to tell me !!! :D
    Mine is easy and fast, if one day, you're in panic as I was !! ;)

  5. Oh that's interesting, I've never seen a pie crust recipe with lemon juice in it :) Looks good though! ;) My recipe only has flour, salt, (sugar), butter, and water. Home-made pie crusts are always so good :)

    1. I have to say I don't know why we have to add lemon juice. But sometimes, better not ask ... ;)