Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Les crepes !! Tadaaaaa !

Well, tadaaaa, tadaaa ... I'm not sure I can say that ...This is not the better crêpe recipe in the world, I have to admit.
But it's an easy and fast one. And most of all ... my daughter and my husband can make it !
To be totally honest, I've called them "les crepes de papa" (Daddy's crepes), because Vincent always cook them.

You'll have the great chance to admire his hand in this post ;)

My girl likes to cook. I've got some pictures of her, when she's was 3 years old, watching the food network on TV.
She made this recipe for the blog.

So, for this recipe, you'll need :
  • 3 eggs
  • 250 grammes flour
  • 80 grammes of white sugar
  • 400 ml of milk
  • 1 tablespoon of vanilla
  • 14 grammes of vanilla sugar (if you don't have, no problem, just add a little bit more of vanilla)
  • 1 teaspoon of brown rum.... If you don't want to use rum, for your children or what else reason, use a teaspoon of orange blossom. If you want to try with rum, I want to comfort you : the alcohol will disappear when you'll cook the crepes. 
  • A little bit of water
  • Some neutral oil, for the pan.

Step 1 :
Add the sugar and the eggs together and whip them.

Step 2 :
Add the vanilla sugar ... You can also add it at the beginning, with the white sugar. I just have a chicken brain, sometimes ...

Step 3 :
Add the milk, and stir, with a whisk.

Step 4 :
Add the flour and whisk with energy. Don't be afraid at all if it's going lumpy. Do your best, and we'll kill the lump at the end.

Step 5 :
Add the water.

Step 6 :
Add the teaspoon of rum (or the orange blossom). My daughter tells : "... Ho, how I love this smell !!" ... I think I have to be careful ;)

Step 7 : 
Add the tablespoon of vanilla, and stir with the whisk.

Step 8 : Not for the emotional persons ...
You see this little white points ? 
OK,  if you can't because of the bad quality of the picture, just trust me : There are lump ... 
We're going to kill them, we're going to EXPLODE them ...

Use a hand blender and don't hesitate ! 

If you've got time, let it in the fridge for one hour. If you don't have time, don't worry ... Neither do I !

Step 9 : 
Now, my daughter stops to work and my husband begins !
The neutral oil will serve to oil the pan between each crepes

If you have a pan for crepes, that's better. If not, use any kind of small but thick one. 

The fire must be very high at the start, and in the middle, when you'll make your first crepes.
Let the pan become real hot.

Don't worry if your first crepes are not pretty, that's normal. 

Use an absorbent paper (paper towel ?). Put a little bit of oil on it, and oil your pan.

Step 10 : 
Pour a ladle of liquid in your pan.

Make turn the pan ...
Yes ... Ladies, here is the KING OF CREPES ! ... At least, at my home !

Step 11 :
Wait for 2 minutes, maximum.

And turn the crepe. If you're an adventurer, make them fly ! My husband is not. Remember, in life, we can't have everything ;)

Once again, only for you ;) :

That's it ! 
You can keep them for 3 days, but KEEP THEM IN FRIDGE ! The eggs and the milk don't like the ambient temperature.

Eat them with all you like : Nutella, brown or white sugar, jam, apple and caramel ...etc ...

Bon appétit ! 


  1. Wow, I see why Vincent is the King of Crepes in your house. That's quite a talented swoosh he has there when he's ladling the crepe batter into the pan!

    This sounds so good... another one I'll have to try. My hubby is going to wonder why we're eating French all of a sudden. ;-)

    Here is a link you may want to put on your blog somewhere... a handy measurement converter for us Americans who do not have an inkling (at least this American) about metric measurements. (Wouldn't it be nice if they made it a handy gadget or button.)

    Just a thought... I've bookmarked it so it will be handy for me to create all your yummy-sounding recipes.

  2. Oh yes, you' re right for the link. I thought of it, but I forgot. I'll do it tomorrow.
    I do hope you and your hubby will like what you'll taste ;)

  3. Looks yummy! Now to build up the nerve to try!

    1. Lol ! If it's too hot where you live ... wait a little bit ! ;)

  4. Hello from Georgia, USA ! I am glad Miz Boo gave us your link, and I am especially glad to see your crepe directions and photos. We used to have a restaurant here in the Atlanta area called the Magic Pan. They made every kind of crepe filling. For my meal I always had the chicken and broccoli in a Hollandaise sauce. Now, with your help, I can try to re-create it. I will visit your site often and I can't wait to see what you will share with us at Christmas time. Bon Jour and merci beaucoup !

    1. Hello Cece ! And thank you for stopping here ;)
      It's funny because this night, I was already thinking about what I would make for christmas ;)
      But usually, there are my mother and mother in law who cook. I just make the desserts.
      see you soon.

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  6. I can't wait to try this. I hope my daughter likes them for her school lunch. I can send a bag with an ice pack to keep it cool.

    1. My daughter eat them for breakfast, dessert and for afterschool snack ! In fact, she eats them all the time until it's finished.

  7. fabulous axelle! i think we will try crepes for asher's upcoming bithday!

    1. Oh please, if you make them, just tell me if you likes them and if Asher like them too ;)

  8. I will have to try these. If your daughter can mix them up, I can sure try, though they may not look as good as Vincent's! Greetings from Little Rock, Arkansas USA.

    1. Yes, you have to try ;).
      A lot of people think that french cooking is complicated. It's true for some recipe or in some restaurant. But here, you'll find only recipes easy to make : I'm just a working mum, not a chef ;)

  9. Hello from Louisiana! These look Wonderful! I will try them very soon! I found you through miz booshay! I LOVE her blog and it looks like I will enjoy your too!

    1. Hello Lea, welcome here ! Miz Boo gave me a HUGE help, putting my blog's link oh her blog. I used to think she was a generous and very nice person.
      I hope you'll like my simple blog ;)

  10. Hi!
    In the first picture, you show the sugar mixed with the eggs, is that the vanilla sugar or extra sugar? Because you only mention the vanilla packet, but also 14 grams in your list of ingredients (which sound like the vanilla sugar packet)... (confused about the sugar ;-) ) Thanks for clarifying if I am mistaken. I love your recipes too, and all the pictures especially!

  11. Hello mla ! And thank you very much for stopping here ad for your sweet words ;)
    You're right to ask me all that, because it's not really clear, in my post. So :
    In france, we have little vanilla sugar packet of 7 grammes. We use them a lot. I don't know if it exist in other countries.
    You just have to whisk eggs with sugar : white sugar and vanilla sugar.
    In my post, I forgot to add the vanilla sugar at the beginning of my recipe, with white sugar. So I mentioned it a little bit after.
    If you don't have vanilla sugar, NO PROBLEM : add a teaspoon of vanilla liquid, but don't add white sugar.
    If not, what I do very often : when I use vanilla pod (the grains), I keep the pod "empty", and I put it in my white sugar's box.
    This way I have natural vanilla sugar.
    Sometimes, you'll see those black pods in my pictures.
    I hope I have been clearer in my explanations ;)
    If not, please, tell me ! I will explain again.

  12. Thank you for your reply, Axelle!
    I understand better about the vanilla sugar packet now. No, we don't have them in the States, but as you mentioned it, I know of people who make their own 'vanilla sugar' by keeping vanilla pods in their sugar... You said 7 grams packets, so you add 2 packets of vanilla sugar then? Also, in your list of ingredients, you don't have the amount of white sugar included, or am still mistaken? Sorry if I am, but I do get the amount of vanilla sugar, but don't know how much white sugar!? And my last question, (aren't you glad it's the last one? :) ) is: How many crepes can one make with those particular quantities, on average, I know it also depends on how thick you make the crepes... Well, thanks again for your response! I'll be making crepes this weekend!

    1. OH !!!! I'm SO sorry for this mistake !! And THANK YOU so much to told me !!
      yes, of course, you'll need 80 grammes of white sugar !! I correct it in the recipe.
      Sorry, sorry ;))
      Yes, I add 2 packet of vanilla sugar (14 - 15 grammes). But, strangely, if you don't have and add only vanilla liquid, don't add sugar more. MAye because vanilla liquid is sugared ?... I don't know.
      It will give you 20 crepes, less or more.

      And truly, don't worry, on the contrary, I'm glad to read your questions. First, because it gives me the possibility to correct and adapt this recipe.
      And second, because I'm very very happy to know that people do try my recipes ;)
      Just tell me if you liked those crèpes, please.
      Those are not the better one in the world, if you went in france, you'll eat some divine. But those ones are simple will calm your will of crèpes ;)

  13. Hello Axelle,

    Thank you for adding the quantity of white sugar to the crepes recipe, I kept wondering and was just going to guess, but now the mystery is solved :-)... I did make the crepes exactly as the recipe, and they turned out very well and were delicious! I served them for breakfast, with home made applesauce, brown sugar and jams. Everyone in the family wants more of them, so I'm keeping this recipe just as it is, thanks Axelle! :-)

  14. hi Mla, I'm very happy to know that your family liked those crepes !
    It's a strange and wonderful feeling to know that our family's recipes are made far away from home ;)
    Thanks to you for your words ;)