Saturday, August 18, 2012

The everyday’s cooking of a french, but not desperate mum !

Because french cooking is not only  microscopic food in a large plate, 
Because we’re not all « Chef étoilé »,
Because no, we don’t all eat frog legs or snails ;),
Because, as a lot of women in the world, french mothers work. 
Because, as a lot of women in the world, french mothers run after time. 
Because, sometimes, French moms too, are exhausted or irritated, and they just don’t have time to cook complicated and sophisticated food… 
Because, as every mom in the world, when french mothers cook, they just try to feed their hungry family. 

For all that reasons, I’ve decided to create this blog. 

My name is Axelle. I’m  40 years old. 
I live in the east south of France. 
I’m french, born in france, but a part of my family is Italian. 
The other part lived in Algeria, when Algeria was French. 
That's the reason why you'll find recipes inspired from Italy or Maghreb. 

I met my husband, Vincent, when I was 20 years old. 
I was studying in Italy, at this time. 
He convinced me to come back in france. Love make you accept everything ;)
Some people say that I’m an Italian woman who married an English man (while Vincent is a “frenchy french”). 
Others say that we’re fire and water. 
I’m the lucky mother of two monsters that I love more than myself. We named them with love Le Gnome (13 years old) and La Gnomette (10 years old). 
They make me laugh. They make me scream. They make me become mad. 
But they make my life. 

This blog is for all the not French women in the world who want to discover the true life of a normal french family.

You’ll discover simple things to cook, sometimes maybe, too simple things. 

I won’t make wonderful pictures (I'm unable to make them), I won’t torture myself to create some inventive and complicated recipes. 

I’m just going to share with you my daily cook. I’m going to invite you in my small and sometimes messy and dirty kitchen, just hoping to give some ideas for your own lunches.

Because, I guess, for a lot of women in the world, no matter our nationalities, to cook each single day can become a true challenge! 

I want to thank you too, for stopping in my home and most of all, I want to thank you for forgiving my English mistakes. 

Welcome in my kitchen. ;)


  1. Oh, Axelle, this is perfect. I would love to drink whatever is coming out of that espresso maker (-: And the challenge of daily cooking is my life. I love celebrations and special events, but the seven days a week part of it...not so much.

    So glad you are blogging,

  2. Di, I thank you really for those words.
    I think the challenge of daily cooking exist for a lot of people ;)
    As you, I love to cook when it's for some special time, but the daily cooking is boring. That's the reason why, you'll just find in this blog the real cook I make.
    When it will be for events, I'll say it.
    Sometimes, I'll use frozen food too, or can.
    And I would be happy to drink a coffee with you, one day ;)

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  4. Axelle, I look forward to following your blog and getting a glimpse of what life is like for a french family. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thank you for stopping here, Nancy ;)
    I hope you'll like it.