Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cucumber salad

My son is selective in what he eats.

Of course, french fries, rice or pasta will always have success. But it's always a challenge to me to make him taste vegetables.

He likes cucumber. So I use to cook this fast recipe.

You'll need :

  • Cucumber
  • Heavy cream (or semi heavy, if you prefer)
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Black olives, 
  • Salt and pepper.

Step 1 :
Cut your cucumber (I like to cut vegetables in a very geometric form, don't ask me why !)

Step 2 : 
Pour garlic, that you'll have crushed with a garlic press (or cut in small pieces).
After this salad, of course, don't open the mouth, you could kill a buffalo ! 
But you'll notice that, in a lot of Provençals recipes, there's garlic...
... We don't fear the buffalos at all ! 

 Add salt, pepper and black olives....

...The heavy cream.

And mix together. 

Cucumber is very light, only water. So you can use heavy cream without complex ! 


  1. I love a new idea for cucumbers, they are really a good buy right now in the markets. Oh, and I LOVE garlic! good thing my husband does too :-)

    1. As you say, Susan, GOOD THING ;D !
      My grand father loved it, and I still remember my grand mother telling him "please, don't talk to me right in face !" !! lol !

  2. If we are also french can we comment? ;-) I like your cucumber salad recipe (I never tried cucumber with garlic)i 'll try it this evening ;-)

  3. Coucou Mahie, bien sûr que tu peux commenter. Au contraire, je suis heureuse d'avoir aussi des visiteurs français ;D

    Welcome in this blog, each new visitor is a good surprise ! I hope you'll like what you read ;)