Friday, August 31, 2012

chicken with soya sauce and type of yellow French beans !

I have discovered another culinary expression with "french" in it !!!

Is this the real name of those beans ?  Type of yellow french beans ??
Or do I have to change my dictionary for a real one ...
Because, reading the translation, I had the vision of a man, in front of his page, with a millions words to translate, scratching his head, exasperated, and thinking :
" ... How the hell am I going to translate this expression "Haricots beurre" ??!!... Well, let's go for "a type of yellow french beans", that will be ok ...!"

We call them "Haricots beurre", which can be translated by "butter beans", because they're yellow like butter.

Anyway, this is the french touch in this recipe, because as you can read, soya is not really french !

Here's a recipe that all my family likes. And I'm sure you know how much it is a challenge ;)

You'll need :
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 onion
  • 6 chicken scallop
  • Soya sauce (I take the sugared one, you use the one you like)
  • Olive oil
  • 1 bunch of Parsley
  • A little bit of butter
  • And of course, a type of yellow french beans ... Frozen... Because, we don't have time to unshelled them !

Step 1 :
Cook the beans the way you use to : let them boil or steamed, during the time written on the pack. I always use steam to cook vegetables.

Step 2 :
During the meantime, cut your onion and one clove of garlic :

Step 3 :
Make them brown. Don't forget : add salt and low fire.
Usually, garlic cooks faster than onions. So, it's better to cook onion first, and pour garlic in second.
But I didn't get time, yesterday !
I lived dangerously, and add the garlic in the same time !

Here what happens, if we don't respect the holy rules of culinary world ... 
But it taste the same, so I assume ;)

Step 4 :
Cut you chicken in pieces and add in in the pan, when garlic and onions are brown.

Let it brown too. You fire must be between high and middle. Stir often.

Step 5 : When it's done, pour 60 - 65 ml of soya sauce.
This just an indication that I give. In reality, you add as much liquid as you like.
As it's sugared, my children love it, of course.

Stir to coat the chicken with the soya.

Step 6 : Cut the half of parsley, and the totality of fire ! I never cook the parsley, I use it fresh.

Step 7 :
Cut your second clove of garlic.

Step 8 :
Your beans must be boiled or steamed, now.
Take another large pan, pour one tablespoon of olive oil and a knob of butter (oil will avoid the butter to burn), and make the garlic brown.

Step 9 :
Add your beans, and let them brown just a little bit !! Or more, if you prefer, who cares, this is YOUR dish !
In this recipe,  all is about BROWN ! ;)
But all is better when it's brown. Even beans ... MOST OF ALL, beans ... !

Add the rest of parsley.

Finally, eat it. This is a wonderful caramelized dish.
You can eat with rice too, of course. But, generally, I always try to balance my dishes.

I hope you'll like it  !


  1. Oh, this looks good. Sadly my husband is a vegetarian! At least he eats fish, for that I am grateful. I will have to try this when he is out of town for work.

    1. Maybe you can try with white fish, what do you think this idea ?

  2. I LOVE soy sauce but it always makes me so thirty! And it's true that oil will prevent butter from burning, the same way that onions will prevent garlic from burning, if you add some to your frying pan :)

    I think the yellow beans are called "wax beans" here :) I bought some recently, as well as green beans and purple beans, and made a delicious salad with them.

  3. wax beans... It sounds much better than "type of ..." ! It sounds like a real product ;D
    Will you put your recipe on your blog ?

  4. I think here in the US we call them wax beans. They are hard to find, except in farmer's markets and they are wonderful! I will try this soon, thanks for posting!

  5. I find them only frozen. We prefer them than green beans. Maybe their beautiful color...
    Thanks for stopping ;)

  6. I don't know if it would be good with frozen wax beans, but it's easy to make: cook green beans, wax beans, and purple beans (the same as green beans but purple) until they are tender, and then put them in a salad bowl and mix them with a vinaigrette :) You can make the same salad with green beans and tomatoes, too. I love it!

  7. Green beans and tomatoes ... how did my mother ! So much memories ! Thank you very much, Dr CaSo ;)