Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pasta Salad.

Hello everyone, 
I'm going to begin this blog with a very simple dish, that I've done yesterday, for a lunch with friends.
As I told you, my cooking is very easy ! 
This recipe is the true example. 

You can use any crudités you want. 
Here are the ingredients you'll need : 

  • 500 grammes of pasta (anykind, except spaghetti, or taglietelle).
  • 2 avocado
  • 6 tomatoes
  • 1 cucumber
  • 6 eggs (or thuna, if you prefer : I made this salad for vegetarians friends and they don't eat thuna)
  • 2 white and sweet onions
  • 1 can of corn (in france, it selt in cans, but you can use an entire corn, if you like)
  • Black olives.
And salt and pepper, of course.

You'll need olive oil, but most of all : Basil ! A lot of basil !

Step 1 :
Make water boil for pasta. You know that it needs a lot of water for pasta, so, don't hesitate.
To go faster, I use an electrik kettle. 
The timing, for the pasta I used is 11 minutes. They'll be al dente.
To add more taste to the water, I put in it one culinary cube. But if you don't have it, no problem, it will be good the same ;)

Step 2 : 
I put my eggs in a cold water. When it boils, I count 10 minutes and make them immediatly under a fresh water falling from the faucet. It will help to take away their eggshell.

Step 3 :
During the wait, I attack (softly ;) my vegetables.
You just have to cut them. I like them in small pieces, but you do as you like, it won't change the taste, I'm sure you agree with me.

First victim : The cucumber !

Second one : The tomatoes 

The onions won't make me cry, I've got my lens !

Now, the avocados !

And add the olives (rinsed) and the eggs, when they're boiled.
Add corn, too !

A colored and pretty patchwork, doens't it ? The dish is ugly but very practical for taking away.

Step 4 : The sauce !
Cut as much basil as you can !! It's not a real pesto, much more an olive oil perfumed with basil.
Add 350 ml of olive oil. I know it's a lot, but I made a lot of pasta. And pasta drink the sauce.
You can also add garlic, if you like.

Mix all that !

Step 5 and very important !
When the pasta is ready, rinse it immediatly with COLD water. It will stop the burning, this way, they won't stink together.

When everything is ready, add the pasta and the sauce.

And stir all that gently. 

A good way to make children eat vegetables.

Bon appetit ;)


  1. This looks very delicious!
    Thank you for sharing your recipes!

    1. Thank you so much for your visit, Donna ;)
      You're the christener of my blog !

  2. axelle,

    this looks delicious. i am so excited to see your french recipes! in my 3 months in france i fell in love with the food!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


    2. Hello Melinda Sue, I'm very happy to see you in this blog !
      I have to tell the truth, you were in my thought when I decided to create this blog : because you're a young mother, because you work, because you know how much we need TIME !!! ;D
      I have tried to make this blog for people who love eating without having too much time to spend in kitchen.
      I hope you'll try some recipes ;)
      PS : I made some english mistakes on my previous reply, so I deleted it to do it again.

  3. Mmmm, I love pasta salad and this recipe looks fantastic. I'm going to try your version.

    You and I do eggs precisely the same way.
    "Step 2 :
    I put my eggs in a cold water. When it boils, I count 10 minutes and make them immediatly under a fresh water falling from the faucet. It will help to take away their eggshell."
    But when you say describe it, it sounds so lovely and elegant. :-D

  4. Thank you, Pam ;D
    In fact, I was looking for the right word in american, to explain the right cooking. I know you use expression like "sunny eggs" ...etc ... But I haven't found it, so I decided to describe it ;)

  5. Ah... I think, then, the term you were looking for is "hard-boiled eggs." You're right, though, we have so many ways to fix and describe our egg styles - soft boiled, scrambled, poached, over easy (or sunny side up - which, by the way, are typically fried so whites are firm, but yolks are soft).

    1. Sunny side up, yes ! I love this expression ! So shiny, so ... sunny ! We say "oeuf au plat", which don't mean nothing really romantic, just "egg on a plate" ... ;)

  6. This looks so good! And I LOVE the French "accent" in your writing. It's fun to see the different ways you describe things. Your cooking is simple, yet full of flavor, which inspires me to do more for my family. Thank you!

    1. Thanks to you, Brenda !!
      I'm happy if you like my french accent :D ... And if you hear me, it would be terrific !! LOL !