Friday, August 2, 2013

Just a sunday market.

All is said in the title :)

Some sunday, when it's so hot you could cook an egg on your forehead, when you know there will be a thousand people around each of your leg, when the day before you were with friends and went to bed at 2 am,  my dear husband decides it's time to go to the market !

That's what he did the past sunday ...

Yet he knows me by heart ... We're together for 20 years. 
In your opinion ... What does he expect to give me such a challenge ?... 
To not kill anyone ?... To fail my T-rex transformation ?... To not commit suicide ?...

Because, seriously, put me in a market, on a sunday morning, with all the previous conditions together and you'll have a Molotov cocktail between your hands, sweet heart !

... I'm a such a Bliss for my family. 

But he found a solution. He gives me my camera and says :
"Some pics for your blog, dear ...".
And he runs. RUN, Forrest, RUN ! 

So, here are some pictures I took during one of those sunny, hot and overpopulated sunday market. 

As I explained here, face's are hidden as much as possible. 

Beginning of the market.

Olives and dried tomatoes.

I'm always surprised by this phenomenon...
Since some years now, in France, there's a huge fashion regarding US and UK flags.
Decoration, clothes, beach towel, sheet ...etc. But nothing with our own flag. Why ? Are we ashamed about our own flag ?... Is it not enough "glamour" ? Or is it because we're scared to be considered as too nationalist ?... I do not know. 

Aaaah, saucisson ... Who never tasted french saucisson has failed his life ! ... What ?...


I'm sure this is crossing between a nuclear warhead and a rugby ball !

Spices and dried fruits.

Unfortunately, you're probably right ...

"Je n'ai besoin de personne, en Harley Davidson !"



  1. Dear Axelle-What a fun picture session. Thank you so much for sharing your torment with us. So many tempting things at the market. I don't know that I could show self-control. Your husband was very thoughtful to know what you would need for amusement: your camera. Husbands know us well after 20yrs.. Don't they? Have a good day. Regards-Jamie

    1. p.s. I guess our mothers know us best anyway!

  2. p.s. again- I'm sorry to leave all the comments but I just noticed that between our mothers and husbands, we don't stand a chance! It's good to know our children are always going to be too young. It wouldn't be respectful to correct their elders....

    1. Lol, Jamie, you're totally right ! And I just realized we generally spend more time of our life with our husband than with our husband !
      WHich mean our children will leave us soon ... Good or bad news ?? ... It depends on the day,right ? :D

  3. This is so beautiful :) Thanks for the visit!! I can only dream of a market like this here, in Alberta!!

    1. Thanks, Dr :) I think we don't have the same climate, to permit this kind of market :D
      This market exists for all seasons, here. But, if we're waiting a little bit, with the "rechauffement climatique", who knows ... :D

  4. Beautiful photos, Axelle! The market looks like a great place to visit!
    Sweet, sweet hubby!

    1. Thank you, JOyce ! Crazy, CRAZY hubby, for sure !! :D

  5. Hi Axelle, I enjoyed seeing your photographs and reading about your adventure.
    This market is so colorful. Thank You for sharing!
    love and prayers, jep

    1. Dear Jep, I'm happy to share them with you. I have to say, in this period, with heat, it's easier for me to take pics of our "trips" than to cook :D

  6. Oooh, I have such market envy! Let's see, I need some spices and dried fruits and sandals...lots of pretty sandals!

    1. Wait for me, I'm coming in a few minutes with all that !! :D