Monday, August 12, 2013

Just a BBQ party in family.

I'm not a big fan of summer. Maybe I'm shocking you ...

But for me, summer means several bad points :
  • Heat ! Intolerable and suffocating heat ! Even with 2 ventilators in each room, it's still too hot, in our apartment ! Impossible to go somewhere or do something from noon to 6 pm ! You take the risk to melt on the spot !
  • Mosquito ......... OH-MY-GOD ! The worst enemy of our night and days ! Sometimes I dream I catch one of them and shaking it by shoulders :" Give me all your family address, just to make a genocide !".
  • To be obligated to make a diet two month before, because you KNOW you could not prevent to show your body in swimsuit !
And never listen the ones who tell you "in summer, it's too hot, we don't eat as much as in winter ..."
BLABLABLA ! ... Between ice creams, rosé wine, arabian sausages, bread and all kind of aperitif, you never stop eating and drinking !

But, fortunately, summer has wonderful points too.
  • Heat ... WHAT ?? Yes, HEAT ! Just because my parents have a pool... If they hadn't, I couldn't go to the beach ... and heat wouldn't be considered as a good point.

  • Late night. I love when sun goes down lately. This feeling that day can end, something else is coming. A second part of life begins. I love this.
  • To be dressed in 2 seconds on the stopwatch !! No need to take a jacket when you're going out. Jump in a short and a tee shirt and you're ready for party time !!
  • You're tanned. No need make up. And sun give us beautiful colors. For two months, you don't look like a lavatory pan ! 
  • And most of all, in summer, each evening has a holiday's perfume. Even if you work the day after, you never refuse a summer lunch with friends or family. Because life is short, baby. And if Bliss doesn't exist, the addition of all little blisses of a day will bring you Joy and make you Happy.

Sorry for the poor quality of  pics : I did not have battery for my machine and took them with my daughter's ipod !


  1. Dear Axelle, I want to just walk into your pictures and be there with you. I enjoyed reading your post with a big smile on my face. You mentioned all the reasons I am not a lover of summer and showed a lot of the reasons why I still like it a bit. And, the food....oh my, that food looks delicious! Thank you for sharing your family BBQ. love and prayers, jep

    1. Dear Jep, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one to have recrimination against summer :)
      I forgot "crowd" ... Where I live there're a lot of tourist in summer. But I can't be too"mind closed" because I leave my home today to become a tourist, me too ! :)
      Very friendly, Jep. Hope you're fine.

    2. Dear Axelle-I agree with jep here. Absolutely. The best season is Autumn. So cool and the colors are beautiful. I was thinking it was time to move into a cinderblock, brick, stone sort of barbecue and.....there is the picture of your brick and mortar barbecue. Now I know we need to do it. I wonder if my food will taste as good as yours when we use it. Mine will be with no mortar. It must be able to take apart. Those side dishes look divine! "Lavatory pan"! Your phrases are so amusing. Regards-Jamie

    3. Dear Jamie, I like autumn too. Unfortunatly, in france, it's only a long and sad wait until Xmas. I do prefer spring with colorful lands and acceptable heat :)
      This cinderblock is very easy to do or to buy here. I suppose you could easily do the same ! I hope you'll like it :)
      Thank you to recognize my humour, I'll tell it to my husband :D

  2. Hahahaha, shaking the mosquitoes by the shoulders, I love this image :D

    In the summer, I HATE les machines à tondre le gazon! They make so much noise and wake me up early in the morning and go on and on and on and on...

    And I am drooling in front of my computer because of your food plates, that's highly unfair, you know, and very cruel, too!!!

    1. Thank you, Dr Caso :D
      OH, YOU'RE RIGHT, I forgot "tondeuses"... My sister in law's neighboor have a boat. Some sunday, before taking it to the sea, they want to verify if it still work. Can you imagine the rumor of a boat motor ?
      They were becoming crazy !
      For our food plates, yeeeees, I looooove cruelty ! :D Ask to my children !! :DD

  3. Hi Axelle,
    Wow, what a feast! Love those sausages and everything! The pool too!
    We always have "summer" all year round, would be nice if we can get to experience winter or autumn!!

    1. Hi Joyce, thank you for your comment. We eat arabian sausages, called MERGUEZ in almost every meal we take with friends. This is a classic in our lunche during summer.
      You always have summer ? I suppose it has a lot of good points, of course. I read in your words that you miss cold :) I undersatnd because I couldn't live without changing temperature.
      Hot Xmas must be different too :)

  4. Okay, you have lured me in. I am drooling.

    Madonna/aka/Ms. Lemon
    of MakeMineLemon

    1. Ahaaaa ! I'm glad to make you water in mouth :D
      thank you for your comment ! :)