Monday, August 19, 2013

A week end to my dear friend the Hunter !

When my childhood friend The Hunter calls me and says : "come to spend week end with us", I'm always, ALWAYS happy to say yes.

I know him for 28 years. We were at school together and with my two others friends, Casanova and Popeye the Sailor Man (that I met at school, at this age too), they made my years !

First, because they were "bad boys"... Okay, just relativize !
I was a very nice and well educated little girl and they were ... just borderlines boys ! Not terrific ones, of course !
But just boys. And I was in admiration and petrified by fear, on the same time, when they used to do things I couldn't imagine to do !
They made me laugh to die and almost 20 years after, we're still friends.
The Hunter still lives where we met.
Casanova left France to live in England.
And Popeye enlisted into French Navy for 20 years and traveled a lot.

But we still kept contact and we're still here, after all these years.

I've got more links with The Hunter, because we kept on being together for years, while the two others went away.
He's my brother. We shared our dreams, ours fears. We talked a lot. He wrote me a lot, while he hates writing !
I'm his first daughter's godmother.
Our children get almost raised together and they love each others.

And most of all, when he says :"come to see us", I know time will stop, we're going to enjoy each minutes of the day, in a sane way, we're going to take time to live, to eat, to talk, to just be together.
No limit, no obligation.

When I go to him, I recharge myself.

Here are some pics I took from this week end.
PS : He agrees to let me post it :)

First day was a little bit cloudy.

My friend has 3 daughters, of 16 years old, 14 years old and 9 years old. And he's got 3 female dogs ! ... He's Sultan in his Harem. 
When his third baby girl was born, he decided it was time to have his own bathroom ! 

Here are the Famous Truffles Dogs !! ... Who never found one truffle of their entire life ! We use to tease him a lot with those dogs. 

"Let play together, Iona ... "

"Please, save me ..."

The oldest ones play Wii or watch a blog I absolutely don't know ! 

I love when men work ! ... My husband on the right, my friend on the left. 

Coffee time in crystal ball ? 

Then pool time !! Everything begins slowly then becomes crazy ! 

The Hunter is also a Gardener ... Even if this year, he's got some problems with snails. 

"Can I take a picture of you, extending machine ?
"Why not ? ... I've got a beautiful ass !"
So self confident ! :D

Mesdames, this man works, cooks, extend machines and he's single !! ... Don't let him waste ! 
Then it's time to make fire for evening BBQ.

And "bain de minuit" ! 

Bunk beds ?

The day after, men went to market. Yeah ... Even here, my husband wants to go to the market ! But this time, I had pool for myself. Children were still sleeping, I couldn't let this chance goes away ...
Sun, cicadas, loneliness... What else, Georges ? 

Then, they came back and we ate again ! 

And everything went fine in Happy world ! 

No, truly ?.. Can you really believe they would find a truffle ?... :D


  1. Beautiful photos, Axelle! Really enjoy the photos, having a good time in good companies and with wonderful families!
    And the fish looks mighty good!

    1. Thank you, joyce. You're right, this fish was fabulous because totally nature. I like the pure taste.

  2. Thank you for inviting us to your happy week-end. Ah, that food I can almost smell through the computer, it looks delicious and what a pretty home, too. Old friends are more precious than gold as my grandmother used to say!
    Love and prayers, jep

    1. You're so right, jep, about old friends. That's what i use to say to my children : don't be scared to lose your friends. If they are true one, no matter distance and separation, you'll keep them.
      And for food odors, maybe it will be the Future, don't you think ? After 3D TV, mayve a TV which will permit to feel the falors :)... Flavors, sorry !

  3. Dear Axelle-I absolutely don't believe those dogs could find a truffle! What fun and happy photographs. What do you mean "extend machines"? And I could never get a fish to look that delicious! Such wonderful looking food. "Old friends are more precious than gold". jep's grandmother was right. How wonderful that your husband likes them, too. Regards-Jamie p.s. Thank you for keeping us company while you are gone.

    1. I found this expression in dictionary ;) i meant exactly what my friend is doing on the pic : when your clothes are clean and wet and you " extend" them to make them dry. But i have to change my dictionnary :D
      Thank you for your words, jamie. To have internet friends can become very addictive, you know ;) and even if it's very difficult to type on an ipad mini with my enormous fingertips :)

  4. It's great to have such good friends, especially since your husband enjoys their company too...

    1. You're right, valvita. On the same time, he did not have any other choice :) they are my "brothers" and who can choose between brothers and husband ?... :)