Saturday, August 10, 2013

Holidays ...

Dear you,
this post to let you know we're living, on tuesday, for 15 days.
It's our holiday time and we're going to visit a part of our country we do not know : 
Brittany and Normandy.

On this map, you can see from where we leave to where we go ! For us, this is the overside of the world, baby !! ...
OK, everything must be relativize with our country size !
But, it's very simple : we're going to drive until we see another sea !

We'll begin our trip by Normandy first,

and end with Brittany.

This is a trip we wanted to make for a long time. We were just waiting for our children to be older. Because it's a long car's trip and there are so many things to see, to admire, to remember, to understand that we didn't want them to be too young to forget.  

This region is full of History and Beauty. We're going to visit Mont Saint Michel, D-Day beaches, American cemeteries, then Cancale, maybe Saint Malo, and certainly Guernesey Island. 

And we still don't know for certain until we'll be there.
One  thing's for sure : we're going to eat fishes and shells and terrific crepes with salted butter caramel and we're going to drink cider and white wine and I'm going to cry for weeks after that each time I'll try to wear a jeans !!

But now, you know me : life is short. Better have remorse than regret ! 

Of course, I'll post... SOME pictures ... Oh, just 2 or 3, you know ... from this trip ! 

Here's a link to a well-done document to make you discover a little bit those two wonderful areas. Because if one day you come to France, please, never forget that France is a wonderful country... And our country is not only Paris.

We've got the chance to have a small country where you can find each kind of nature, lands on a short distance. 
We even have what we call here : Provencal Ayers Rock, or Le Rocher de Roquebrune.

Photo : Patrick Morand.
PS : Please, visit his site, it's full of wonderful french lands pictures

Ok, we just have ONE and it is not as big as in USA ! Okayyyyyy ... But even though !! :)

You can keep on coming into my French Cuisine during my "absence". 
I have prepared some posts for you : some recipes I made those past days and some pictures I took during a week-end to my friend the Hunter ! 
And I'll keep on connecting myself to reply to your eventual comments :)

I wish you to spend some wonderful days and I hope to find you here for my return.


  1. Hello Axelle! I've been a bit absent here; we were on holiday ourselves (Scotland!) and coming back I have been not very enthusiastic about cooking :-) Being away spoils you in certain ways, yes?

    But I was glancing through my Feedly and saw your title and had to look. We took a road trip through France last summer (renting an auto) and we spent 4 nights in Normandy and wish we had stayed longer.

    The food was fabulous. The beaches and cemeteries were very moving, emotionally, for us. I feel so blessed to have been able to visit. And Mont St Michel was a lovely bonus.

    I can't wait to hear about your adventures. I hope the ride there goes well for you and your children. Happy Trails to you!

    1. Hi Susan, don't worry, I understand ... At the moment, it's difficult to cook because of heat :)
      Everyone who went in Normandy use to say like you, Susan. That's the reason why we wanted to go over there even if it's a long trip.
      It's known to be very beautiful and emotional.

  2. Dear Axelle-Thank you so much for the maps of your itineray. I shall be traveling with you and seeing everything you see! A virtual vacation. Probably the only one I'll take this year...sniff....poor me. Not really. This should be a fabulous journey for you and yours. Put some kleenex in your pocket because you will need it when you get to the Beaches of Normandy. Pause and Reflect. And thank God. Have a wonderful time! Regards-Jamie p.s. If you wear stretch pants when you return from your trip, you won't shed tears. : )

    1. Dear Jamie, just prepare your suitcase, we're taking you on monday morning !! :D
      You're totally right, Jamie, I'm impatient and a little bit anxious to see those famous beaches. I know it will be overwhelming. That's the reason why I wanted to wait for my children to be old enough to understand that this won't just be sand ... You understand ?
      Thank you for your words, Jamie and I'll post a lot of pictures, I think, when I'll come back.

  3. Oh, I've always wanted to visit this part of France - have a wonderful time!

    1. Thank you so much, T.W, I'll post pictures. This way, you'll be there by procuration :)

  4. I want to go with you, please take me with you!!!!!!!! Have a fantastic vacation, lucky lady :) And take TONS of pictures for us!!

    1. Aha, Dr, as jamie, just prepare your suitcase, you're coming with us !! I'll be at the bottom of your building on monday, be ready :D
      PS : I just saw a french report on ATPN and I thought of you !! ;)

  5. Hi Axelle,
    How lovely to go on a holiday! I would love to visit France one day!
    Have fun and enjoy your holiday!

    1. Thank you, Joyce :)
      I wish you to come one day. But, in reality, when we think about it, there are so many places to visit and not enough time in a life ...