Saturday, July 27, 2013

Our trendy baby tortoise.

My parent's house is always full of pets. We had 3 dogs, gold fish, small turtles and an oodles of cats !!
Since some years, they've got tortoises.
In France, where I live, we've got the chance to have free Hermann's Tortoises.

It happens you find them in your garden and it's always a big joy for us. They are very protected, of course and some strict rules legislate their conservation.

Two tortoises live in my parent's garden. So my parents feed them and take care of them.
One year ago, they found a small baby just as big as a 2 euro coin !

They decided it would be a female ! ... Such is life.

My parents built her a little house, to protect her from predators, as seagulls. It was in a large box but a little bit sad.

The past week, my youngest sister who is a kind of artist, even if she doesn't work in this field, decided to put some colors in our baby tortoise's life !

We took my second old rabbit's cage (just because this rabbit doesn't need cage anymore, she runs everywhere in our apartment !), cleaned it and arranged it for Biscotte ... In English : Crisp bread. Yeah, I know ...

My sister created safe decoration for her.

Here's the cage BEFORE. Sorry for the rabbit's pooh ... :)

And now. 

Hello baby Biscotte ! Do you like your trendy home ?

Looking at her face, there are several answer, choose the one you prefer :
  • "Too much white in the house, if you really want to know ... But I suppose that's ok !"
  • "Strange ... I was sure there were a door right here... How did I come in ??!"
  • "What the F... am I doing here ??"
  • "Am I dreaming or there is a cobweb here ?! WHO CLEANED THE HOUSE ?"
  • "Who's talking to me ?... "
  • "I saw a light, in a tunnel and ..."

Here to show you her size, now. Of course, she grew up a little bit since the past year.

Game : Find the tortoise ! 

When she'll be bigger and less fragile, my parents will let her free.


  1. Dear Axelle-I must say. That is one indulged tortoise! I like the log quonset hut. Regards-Jamie p.s. I think she is saying, "Whatever."

    1. That's why I love pictures : we can make them say what we like :D
      In reality, I'm not even sure she's thinking about anything !! :D

  2. Hi Axelle,
    Cute little one! She must be very curious of her lovely new home, exploring every corner!

    1. Hello Joyce !! In fact, it took her 3 days before getting out her hut ! Until my sister obligated her. Then, she went under the tree ! :D

  3. It's sooooo cute :) When I was in Mexico last week I saw tons of turtles, too!

  4. I love the decoration...and the tortoise. Didn't know you could find some wandering about.

    1. Thank you, Valvita. :)
      Yes, they are the last "salvage" tortoises in France. They live in Corsica and Italy too. My parents in law have 2 of them in their garden too ! If you begin to feed them, they can stay. Thanks to internet and a lot of websites, we can know now, how to take care of them.

  5. Neat! I love that you can help these little guys and then keep them in your garden. We have frogs and lots of little lizards in our yard. There used to be a huge tortoise (not sure what kind) that lived at the top of our street but I haven't seen him in a few years. You have to have sharp eyes to see one that small!

    1. I reply to you today, Claudia, telling you she's dead yesterday. She was very fragile and we saw for a while she was not acting normally.
      My youngest sister is sad.