Saturday, July 20, 2013

Famous Carlton's dance ! Enjoy !

Thank you, Donna, to remind me Carlton and his famous way of dancing !

OH my God, how much I loved this television series ! For me, maybe the best one of this period, with Cosby show.

Alfonso Ribeiro is just Magic ! I did not know he was the child, dancing with Michael Jackson on Pepsi' advertiser ! 

I'm sure I've been Black in a previous life !

PS : just in case ... WILL (SMITH), if you read this blog one day, my sister and I are crazy about you ! You're a Legend ! :)


  1. Dear Axelle-I just saw the Carlton clip. Ha Ha Ha. That made me laugh. You should watch it again because it would cheer you for sure. Tom Jones is not my favorite but this song is perfect for his moves. Regards-Jamie

    1. I can't stop watching at him ! I remember its dance was never long enough, when I used to watch this series. I just LOVED when he moved. That's the reason why, when I found this clip, I told to myself it was worthy to share it.
      Thank you for having appreciated it :)