Wednesday, July 17, 2013

14th of july, National French Day.

In France, law is very strict regarding image rights.
We're not allowed to show face's persons without their authorization. And this is even more strict with children.
That's one of the reason we're destabilized with Facebook, for example.

My best friend ex-wife posted one day, a pic of me on her Facebook profile without my authorization.
She was very proud to show me in her "best friends".
I yelled as never against her.

This picture was took in summer, at her home, close to the swimming pool. I was in swimsuit, without any make up on my face, I did my hairs as Robert Smith and totally unready to be photographed !

To be honest, I suppose if I looked like Monica Bellucci on this pic, maybe, I wouldn't have been so upset !
BUT I WAS NOT ! Believe me .................

She did not understand why I was so angry. I told her she should ask me before. And it made me realise that our image is not aboslutly ours, in this communication world.
Today, your children or yourself play with others, took pics or movies and send it all over the world. Your image do not belong to you anymore.

How many examples do we know now with young people drunk or nudes or..., filmed by "friends" and totally humiliated thank to internet ?!

So, it's true, frenchmen are a little bit paranoiac with their images and the ones of their children.
We're an old people :)

All this speech, to let you know I took a lot of beautiful portraits, during this 14th of july. Then I realized  I couldn't post them on my blog.
So I'm just going to post pictures where people are in landscape, in crowd on onlookers or not recognizable. Some faces have been hided.

I hope you'll like ambient pictures the same and understand why I do this.

Beginning by the beach. People use to come to eat here, waiting for fireworks.

A baby-foot ! So popular in France ! During my high school diploma's year, I became a real Champion at this game ! ... Don't tell it to my children, please ...

My dear, loved, sweet, hard, irritating, bloody annoying ... children ! I love them.
"I'm going to see if water is cold...
- Yeah ! ... And tell me if she is salted !
- ... I won't even waste my saliva to reply !"

French fries and french saucisson sandwich... The best meal for them.

What a pity ... For our National Day, he's wearing an american tee-shirt ! :D
Let's say we've got the same colors !

This is a dog's sample. If you like it, after, you can have a real one.

Let leave the beach and go to Sanary.

Ok ... This is not the best way to welcome Chinese visitors !

During the two month of summer, each evening, until one in the morning, there's a night market, where people come to sell what they make by themselves. Well, they are supposed to make. Some are honest. Others less ...

The Potter (... When I finally understood what meant "Harry POTTER" ... !!!).
This man is incredibly famous and talented. He comes back each year and he's a show all by himself. People stop to watch him for long minutes. My children can't even imagine to come to the market without going to visit him.

To make the difference with sellers who don't really make their products, some build them in front of visitors.

I can post a picture of this guy because he's an artist and he knows people will photograph him.

Do you want a piece of pizza ?

I can post a picture of those two young men because they wanted to !
"Hey, madame ! Here we are, two real young sanary's teen !"

I just love this picture. Link between man and dog.

"Mum, take a picture of our ice cream !
- But you already ate them !
- Exactly ! Be fast !"

Night is coming ...

Crowd is coming on the pier to watch fireworks.

"Baby, you're a fiiiiiiiiirework ! Come on, show 'em what yoooooou're worth !..."

People is going to dance to the end of the night, baby !

Have a nice day, friends !


  1. Your pictures are beautiful!! You are so lucky to live by the sea :) I love the picture above the one with the man and the dog (love that one, too). It's so peaceful! Love the pictures of the potter, too :)

    1. Thank you, Dr :)
      Yes, I know we're lucky. Even when we work, we still have the feeling to be in holidays. This is the good point. Bad point is that everything is so expensive... !

  2. You make me miss France sooo much!! What a beautiful day - you captured so many great images. I particular like the man sculpting the pottery. Brilliant!!

    1. Thank you very much, Todd, for your comment :) It's very touching.
      Did you come in France ? Where did you go ?

  3. Dear Axelle-Happy Bastille Day! Thank you so much for sharing these photographs. They were such a treat to see. Since France so graciously gave us the Statue of Liberty, your son is welcome to wear an american tshirt. Our Independence Day was July 4th. Thank you to your Gnome for remembering us. I'll have fun looking through these photographs a few times. The one of the woman rinsing the sand off of her feet is amusing. Regards-Jamie

    1. Thank you, Jamie !!! :D And thank you for all the kind words you say.
      For American tee-shirt, I suppose I'm educating my children with the American dream. How it could be different ?! :)
      It's my mother who made them those tee-shirt. I told her I wanted one too ! I'm going to send you a pic where we can see the entire tee shirt.

  4. wonderful shots, thanks a lot for sharing.

  5. What beautiful pictures of the holiday celebration! What fun to celebrate with you!