Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Le Mont Saint Michel

Here's another slideshows of our Britain trip.

Today, come with me to Mont Saint Michel.

I was a little bit scared to go over there, because of crowd. You begin to know me and I do hate when thousand people are stick on me...
Most of all during my holidays.

So we decided to visit the Mont, "early" in the morning. And this was just perfect. From 9 to 12 am, there's not too much people and believe me, you've got time to visit all you want !

After, it began to become too much populated for me ! When we left, we were walking countercurrent with tourists and it was unbelievable how many persons were coming, how many different nationalities !

But this monument is just amazing, out of time. I understand why it is so visited.
I only have one regret : a lot of shops are just only touristic shops. And it gives you the feeling to be in Disneyland !
I love Disneyland. But not when I'm looking for History, inside the Mont Saint Michel's walls.

Anyway, I loved this day. Please, follow us.

PS : maybe you're having the advertising who stays on the slideshow. It's a real nuisance. But I can't make differently. On my computer, making my mouse slide, it permits to remove the ad.

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  1. Such a lovely place, thank you for the photographs. My dad and son went there years ago, but they did not come back with great pictures like yours, just the beautiful memories. Now I feel like I have been there, too. love and prayers, jep

    1. PS I had no trouble with the ad, just did what you said and it went away. ;-) jep

    2. Dear Jep, thank you again for your comment :) You know, Internet is really a great invention. To share pictures with people we'll never meet is so incredible, when we think about it ! So, I'm really glad to share them with you. This way, you're a little bit with your dad and son too, you, you live now what they lived years ago :)

  2. Dear Axelle-Gorgeous!!! I was your little pocket-mouse, remember? These photos are just as beautiful as being there. Thank you for sharing Le Mont St. Michel again. Regards-Jamie

    1. Yes, I remember, dear Jamie :D
      In france, we say " to be a fly" ... BUt I do prefer a mouse :D
      Thank you for your comment.

  3. I've always wanted to visit Le Mont St. Michel - It looks like an extraordinary place. Someday I will get there, but thank you for sharing the lovely photos!

    1. It is out of time, T.W. This is just unbelievable. I wish you to come here, one day. Because, some places, in the world are worthy to visit. And this one belong to the list :)