Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy birthday, my sweet girl.

This year, we are in the exact same configuration as the day you're born :

You're born on 2002, thursday, the 12th of september and my father - your grandfather you just love so much - told me : "Whao ! She didn't have any choice. One year after september 11th and just before Friday the 13th...".

You came 10 month after I lost a baby and I was terrified during all my pregnancy to lose you.

Last year, you asked me if I was regretting not having this baby. I answered absolutely not. Because I couldn't have you.
You replied :
"Yes, but you would have loved him. As you love me now."
And I said :
"Yes, my sweet girl. But this is you. And no one else. Such is life, this is the way it had to be. Don't be scared, I wouldn't have loved anyone else but you. JUST YOU."

I love you more than I could imagine.
You're exactly the girl I wanted to have.
You make me laugh and scream sometimes, but I don't care because you're such kind.
I look at you with amazement.
You make me grow.
You teach me so much things that I ignored until you.
I pray for us to keep good relationships when you'll become older...

I love you, my Gnomette. Happy birthday. I wish you to have a wonderful eleventh year.


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter!
    love and prayers, jep

  2. Happy birthday to the Gnomette :) That's a beautiful story!

  3. Hi Axelle,
    Happy Belated Birthday to your girl! My son is eleven too! And I had a miscarriage too before my son was born. I can just imagine how you must be feeling during your pregnancy with your daughter. The first few months are very stressful for me, constantly praying and hoping that my pregnancy would go smooth, and luckily it did. Though I had to have an emergency section after a few hours of labour pain, that is another long story, but in the end I have a beautiful healthy baby boy and that is all that matters in the end.
    Hope your daughter will always be happy and healthy always.

    1. Thank you for her, Joyce !!
      I understand what you say : my 2 children went with C section... I almost lost my son too and it made me understand how much life is fragile ...
      Thank you for sharing with me your story, too. Do you have another children ?