Thursday, September 5, 2013

First beach !

The first day we saw the beach, I couldn't find my words to express how I felt.

Such an immensity !

I live close to the sea. But our beaches are so small, compared to Brittany and Normandy !
Thank to tide, sea can go very far and let a immense sand place.

People who come on "our" beaches come to tan. Of course. Here, it's very hot in summer : sun, sand and water.

You don't go in Brittany or Normandy to tan ! ... FOR SURE ! Even if we were really lucky and had a wonderful weather for 15 days.

In Brittany, people come to the beach to make a thousand things than tan. And I just LOVED that.
Between looking for shells, running, playing with bubbles or kite, yachting, playing ball...etc. so many activities to do, instead of staying lay down, waiting for a skin cancer for hours and hours !

And most of all ... Such a space for each of us !
Before leaving, I was really feeling bad, with a suffocating feeling. Too many people around me. Too many cars. Too many aggression, too many incivilities, too many ignorance and superficiality...

Because you know what is strange ?...
The more people live together, the more they become stranger and aggressive for each other.

What a strange creation we are. We can't live alone and we can't live with others...
Well, it's the way it works here, where I live.

So I really needed, calm, peace, quiet, loneliness, huge spaces...
And Normandy and Brittany gave it to me all I needed.
We stayed almost two hours on this beach.
I sit down and stayed contemplative.

In some pictures, you can guess, at the bottom, le Mont Saint Michel, that we'll visit too.

My next post will be a recipe, don't worry ! :)

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  1. Dear Axelle, What a great slide show. Makes me want to go to the beach! Thank you for sharing. love and prayers, jep

    1. Thank you for your comment, Jep. In my opinion, those kind of beach are perfect to think and empty our mind.

  2. Except in the strange city where I live! People are so relaxed and patient and nice, here, it's almost funny. And very cool :) Beautiful pictures!! Glad you got the space you needed, finally.

    1. Yes, I've read your post where you're explaining there's a huge mess because the city is closed the first day of school and people wanting to go to North couldn't ...etc. I was amazed by their patience ! Here, you would need the army !! :D
      But, I've truly happy to know that there're some places in the world, people still can live together. I suppose it's particular, here. Still don't know why. Maybe because we are southern people.
      But I lived in Italy. And it wasn't like that.
      Maybe I'm too hypersensitive with this kind of reactions.
      BUT this is what I say to my husband, repeating him we have to move : If it can be WORST, in other places of the world, why it couldn't be BETTER ??... :)
      Truly, at the moment, I'm suffocating here. For a lot of reasons.

  3. Dear Axelle-What strikes me immediately is the vast open expanse. Of sky and sea and beach. Thank you for the views through your camera's eye. Regards-Jamie

    1. Dear Jamie : EXACTLY ! I felt deeply in love with this huge space. And yet, nothing can replace human's eye, you know. Even the best camera in the world. So, can you imagine seeing this land by yourself ? You would be breath taking ! I swear : I couldn't find my words, where I arrived on this beach. Inconceivable !
      Thank you for your words :)

  4. Don't come live in Geneva. It's awfull in here. People are agressive and way too stressed.

    1. Really ?? I used to think Switzerland was a pacific country and people calm and polite. I'm disappointed !