Friday, September 20, 2013

Ca ira - Joyce Jonathan (It will be all right).

I would like to share with you this fresh love song. I love to watch the video clip because it makes me smile !

And today, there's not too much thing to make us smile, sometimes !

I have to say I have a crush on the fat man. And I think she's got too ! :)

Here's my modest translation :

Tell me that if you're there, this is not only for my sweet eyes.
Tell me there are others reasons who make you happy.
Tell me if you like our sloths and our lovers mornings.
Tell me it's just a beginning but you're envisaging the following together
Tell me I'm the only one you ever desire
I don't have any other appointments, other rendez vous that I want to accept.
With you, it's obvious, I'm ready to forget my past.
I've always loved be glamour but no matter if I just please to you.

Chorus :
And I think it is you.
I know you believe it.
You're the one who put rhythm in my blisses
Put rhythm in my moods
Just like that.
And I think it is you.
And for the very first time,
Forgive me for my doubts and my angers
Time will work for us
And you and me,
Oh, it will be all right.

I love your assured air you're taking from the most beautiful monuments.
Your look, sweet as a secret, your caress almost indecent
You understand all my silences, each of my absent moment
If I go to Heaven, I'm not sure to find a difference !


I say to myself Let take some risks, and anyway, it's too late.
In the worst case, we'll have beautiful memories in drawers
I'm scared about your kindness, it's such a promise of bliss.
Oh you know, I'm so scared.



  1. Dear Axelle-I'm sure she takes the dog home! Regards-Jamie

    1. She would have less problem than having a man !!! :DD
      ... Sorry, I get out =>

  2. Bouh, ça marche pas au Canada, je peux pas voir la vidéo, snif...

    1. Dear Dr. CaSo-I was unable to see it in the United States so what I did was google " Ca ira joyce jonathan " and I found one that worked. Bonne chance! Regards-Jamie

  3. Thanks Jamie, it worked indeed :) Cute song :)

    1. Did you notice ? Jamie speaks french ! She understands all we write in french, Dr ! :D