Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Warrior !

Finally, some days ago, we heard our first seasonal's cicada ! Because it was not really hot, here ...

I'm sure this one is Rambo's Cicadas ! In her little town, under trees, that's how her friends call her ... Or him. Because Rambo is not a female. We all agree with this...
Or a very combative female.

 Rainy and sunny sunday time to dear friends. Pics took with my cell.


So, I was cooking when ... Yes, I was cooking ... Oh, for sure, I would prefer begin my story this way :

I was having a lie-down, in front of my swimming pool, with a glass of fresh white wine in hand, and watching at my HUGE TV when ...

But, this is not my life.

SO I WAS COOKING ... (Ooooh, good job, I feel frustrated now !) when I heard a little "creeecreee", prudent, low and very courageous.

You have to know that a cicada has a very hard life ! She stays, buried underground for years ! Between 5 and 10 years !! Some american cicadas can stay underground for 17 years !!

Then, one day, they feel it's time...
Heat is calling them : "CICADAAAAAAAAS !! COME OUT !".

Then, those poor cicadas just will live for one short month outside !
They l have a huge challenge on their shoulders ! THEY HAVE TO MAKE THEIR LIFE !

Can you imagine ??

For years, you're preparing yourself, for just one month ?

And during this month, you must :

  • Change your skin... 
That means, you spend years to have a beautiful skin-habit, taking care of it, choosing which color will go with your hairs, all that ... just only you're getting out, you have to change it. "Okaaaaay, thank you, friends ! Somebody could tell it before, don't you think ??".
  • Play cymbal ...  
"Hey, girls ! Sorry to bother you, but, I mean, I'm not very good with instruments ... Am I obligated to .... ? Yes, Bridgit ? Yes, We have to ?... OK, all right... Too bad for your ears. "
  • Have sex ! ... 
"Huuuu, Stephanie ?... I'm sorry but I saw him FIRST ! HE IS MINE, OK ?? I was here before you, so GO AWAY IMMEDIATELY, I don't have time to lose !"
  • And lay just 500 eggs !!! 
"Bobby darliiing ? Don't forget to take out the trash, please, there are some dirty diapers in it ... Thank you ! "

So they get out for one short month.
Can you imagine if this month is windy, cold and rainy ? They fail their life !

"OK, boys, don't-get-out ! I repeat : DON'T-GET-OUT ! We've been duped ! I repeat "WE-VE-BEEN-DUPED !"

And you think you've got a hard life ?

I just say : Respect for cicadas. They are the biggest warrior on earth !

End of my sheer lunacy.


  1. We are waiting with extreme excitement on the digging out of our cicadas here in Maryland (mid-atlantic in USA)!! I think only the males make the music. I listen every day and check trees at the base where they will dig out of their 17 year hibernation. 17 years...that's a long time, I bet those males will be singing their little cicada hearts out! Enjoy your summer...pool looks lovely!

    1. Hello Brenda ! Yes, you're totally right, only males play music ... For them, music, fur us, 500 eggs !! WHERE'S THE JUSTICE ?? :D
      Thank you for your comment !

  2. Hehehehehe, you make me laugh :D You're right, our lives are not THAT hard after all!!! I love the picture with the cherries, I am completely jealous!

    1. The cherries were SO good ! When I was a child, I had the chance to have a cheery tree in my garden and I used to eat cherries when I wanted (in season, of course). This day, I found this childhood feeling ... and flavor.

  3. Dear Axelle-I have lived in Virginia before and been there when the 17 year cicadas come out and they are everywhere! Yuck. You have to watch your dogs like a hawk because they will gorge themselves on cicadas and then regurgitate them on your livingroom floor and that's just not pretty. You drive down the highway or street and five of them will zoom in your open car window. AAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!! I have never heard such a sympathetic story as you tell about them. I will have to consider from their perspective...No, I won't! Their behaviour is atrocious and they are obnoxious but if you only had a month to live maybe you should just go for it!

    1. p.s. Regards-Jamie

    2. Oh, Jamie ... You're killing the SUMMER'S SYMBOL ! ...
      I'm kidding, of course !
      My parents have 3 cats and the biggest game of 2 of them (the third is called Garfield ... He doesn't hunt, except dry cat food...) is to catch them to offer to my mother ... Who jump as high as you, I suppose ! :D
      Last year, one came into my apartment and I became hysterical ... Chacun chez soi, as we say in french !! :D