Saturday, June 1, 2013

A flea market sunday (un dimanche de puces).

In april of this year, my children and I made an attic sale.
It helped them to empty their bedroom making a little bit money. We just had two or three little books and toys to sell...

We woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning to go to Bandol, a small town close to where we live. 
I let my children install everything. They liked it a lot.

 Just two or three things...

When the sun risen, it was cloudy and we had some rain drop. It was cold. I just crossed my fingers.
Early in the morning, you'll meet people who want to buy your products very cheap, to sell them into their own stand.

Bandol is a rich little town. It was so strange to make an attic sale, in front of luxurious yacht. Such a contrast with some needy persons we met.

Daybreak. Still cloudy and cold.

Firsts interessant buyers.

Some others stands.

Then, our sun made his entry ! 

And everything changed. 

My children sold almost everything. Here's a pic we took at the end of the morning. At the end of the afternoon, they were exhausted but happy. 

My son is a real good seller. He impressed me. He knows how to haggle over.
I stayed in the background, looking at them and giving them some advices time to time. But in a global way, I let them do what they wanted to do.
My daughter was more shy. And she, CURIOUSLY, had less things to sell while her bedroom is FULL of trifles ! 
... Maybe next time, I'm keeping the faith !

We liked this day. Even if it was tiring. Meeting and talking to people was a real enriching experience. Human experience. Not only financial one. 
It helped me to reconcile myself to humanity... Because you know, lately, I have to say humanity just deceives me so much. 
This day, I saw the good part of people. 
I think we'll do it again. 

Have a good week-end, friends.


  1. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful :) There are a lot of garage sales (as it's called in English, maybe because attics are less common here, and people store their stuff in their garages instead ;)) in my neighborhood, during the summer, it's a very common thing here :)

    1. Hi Dr CaSo and thanks a lot for your comment. We see garage sales in US movies, yes, even in Toy Story ... :D !
      In france, we see those kind of sales more and more often, now.

  2. Dear Axelle, Please don't change a thing that you are doing here on your site. I love to come here and read about cooking and the things you and your family are doing and what you enjoy. The town where you went for the flea market is beautiful. Your pictures are so sharp and clear and fun! Thank you for sharing this trip with your children. My husband and I went to two garage sales in our neighborhood today and found such bargains. It is the time of the year for them to happen on the weekends. I am so happy for you and your children that you had a good experience and I hope you do it again. love and prayers, jep

    1. Dear Jep, thank you so much for your comment. I have to say I'm full of doubts about blogging today. You're very few to comment and I don't know if readers like this blog or not. So your comment gives me strength to keep on writing and joy :)
      So you went to flea market, too ? It's true, you're right, we can find a lot of interesting objects.
      This was a real good moment for both of us. The only regret, I admit, was to wake up so early ... Really, when you work during all the week, to wake up earlier on sunday is a real difficult thing to do :D

    2. Axelle, it is a treat for me to come read your blog and I look forward to it every day. I know it is not easy to be a wife, mother, have a job and write a blog, but you would be missed if you stopped writing. Lots of people read, but don't comment I think. Hope and pray you will continue. jep

    3. Thank you so much, Jep for your comforting words :)
      Thank you too for being a regular reader and commenter ! Really. :)

  3. The second comment is definitely spam, you should erase it, I get this kind of comment all the time.

    1. I made a mistake : I erased the Jamie's comment instead of the spam one !! JAMIE, I'M SORRY !!!! Sorry, sorry !!

  4. Dear Axelle-Hello! I totally agree with everything jep and Dr. Caso have said. You would be missed! I like this format and the photographs which you include of your hometown and activities. Your "eye" is fun to see. And you are funny! It is a treat to read your blog. Your recipes are refreshing to our dining pleasure and have made it into my recipe box for posterity to enjoy. Don't give up the ship! Regards-Jamie

    1. Thank you so much, for your daily comments, Jamie. You would be missed too if you stopped one day !
      And I'm really, truly glad to know some french recipes are now in your own home ! I won't give up the ship, captain ! :D

  5. I am playing "catch up" on my favorite blogs. Sorry I haven't been able to comment in a while. I love this post! That fountain with the flowers is SO beautiful. You impress me that you got your kids to get up so early to go to the sale. By the looks of some of these tables, I would have done more shopping that selling....I love old dishes and kitchen stuff!

    1. Dear, Claudia, don't worry , I know how "buuuuuusy" means :D
      Thank you for your comment, it's always a pleasure. For your sentence about shopping than selling, believe me, I had to be very wise, this day ! I'm not sure my husband would have appreciate to see me coming home with more objects than leaving !!!! :D
      You can find such good stuffs, in those kind of market !

  6. Hi Axelle,
    Bandol is a charming and beautiful place!
    And it is a great idea for the sale, helps to clear the house and make such good experience for the kids! Kudos to your two kids!

    1. hi Joyce and glad to read you ! Bandol is a real beautiful place. Even if it's a little bit too "bourgeois", for me :)
      The kids liked this experience. They were playing merchant ! :)