Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hey, I found those forgotten videos on my cell !!

Looking for another thing, I found those short video, took with my cell, during our London trip.

Three of them were during our bus visit tour. My daughter and I were just on the first seats, on the first floor of the bus. A very funny place !
And very impressive too, believe me !

On the first and second video, you'll see some monuments and Londoner taxis. You'll notice too something very important ... Bus drivers ARE CRAZY !
The second video is NOT in speeded-up motion !
I remember, my American teacher  talked to us about the French way of driving. He used to tell the first time he went on a French car, he had three or four heart attack and one blackout !
Well, let me tell you something ... LONDONERS ARE WORST !! :D
At the end of the second video, you'll hear my daughter and I.

For this one, just a short piece of music. In every subway, musicians try to make some money.

And the last is just a view of Gare de Lyon, during our return trop, in Paris. Sorry, the video's quality is not great.

Have a good day, friend !

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  1. Dear Axelle-Thank you for sharing these. A little taste of the moment. Regards-Jamie