Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter to all !

Some pictures of our Easter lunch, to my family-in-law, with my new camera: Thank you very much, Dad !! :)

I have to learn how to control the animal (for example, how to take off date on the pictures...) , but that's okay, I'll do it !

Hope you had a great time and had a lot of chocolate ! 
Don't forget, life is short : Eat them ! 

First juicy tomatoes.

Wild smoked salmon.

Poor lamb ... The only meat I eat trying to ignore how looked like this baby pet, BEFORE... 

 Chicken ... Curiously, I feel less pain. I'm such a bad woman. 

 And the traditional flageolet Beans. 

Typically, french traditional dish for Easter : Lamb and flageolets. 

Eggs from my parent's garden ! 

Joyeuses Pâques à tous ! 


  1. Dear Axelle, I want to come eat with your family. It all looks delicious and that garden is perfect for having a coffee after eating such good food.
    love and prayers, jep

    1. Dear Jep, and you would be welcome ! One of my 4 brother-in-law traveled a lot when he was young. And he used to come back at home with a lot of foreign friends. Each time, my mother in law cooked for them. I think those young people still think to her with a tear of bliss in her eyes : she cooks so well !! :)

  2. Dear Axelle-What a sumptuous meal! We enjoyed lamb as well. Greek style with lemon, oregano and olive oil. I don't think about all the mamans et bebes gamboling in the fields next door. It would probably be different if we actually did the butchering. We...well, I had an interesting story about a snake, my boys, and a nice hat band made of snake skin that my eldest boy now owns. And then there is the story of the frozen roadkilled red fox (we did not hit it), my boys and a nice red fox fur pelt we now own. Life in these here parts can be quite the nature experience.
    What a beautiful garden for an aperitif after your meal.

    1. Ah ! Ah Ah ! I would be interested by the those stories, Jamie ! Would you tell me in which state you live ?
      I have to say that I'm not very fair : when it's question of baby, even baby fox, :D, I ... go soft in the heat (?? that's the real translation ?).
      But my Friends-The-Hunter tries to harden me :D

    2. Dear Axelle-I live in Sutherlin, Oregon. The town has a website so you could look it up. I don't think you have the real translation. What is the phrase in french?
      This is the fox story in brief: We were on our way home from church and I saw on the side of the road a freshly struck dead red fox. It was freezing outside and so the fox was frozen. I said," Whoa! Look at that beautiful dead red fox! Can we go back and pick it up and preserve the pelt?" This incident happened in Delaware, by the way, when we were back there for some months. Not every state allows you to pick up roadkill. Delaware does but not Oregon. You will get a HUGE fine if they catch you doing that here. So, obey the law. In Tennessee you can pick up roadkill and eat it! Anyway, my husband said, "Sure." So we went back and threw the fox in the back of the truck and went back to the house. We went on an internet search to see how to skin it and do a home tanning. My husband and two boys performed the necessary steps and voila! I have a beautiful pelt-with the gorgeous tail! We did not keep the head because that is quite complicated. Maybe next time. We found on you tube a man in Norway or Sweden or Finland who hunts game animals and demonstrated how to cook and eat fox. It was quite the video. He looked like a wild viking. We did not indulge! The snake story: we saw in our neighbor's backyard a huge snake. We new that Madame would NOT want that living there so we waited until the snake crossed the boundary and WHACK! We skinned it and the boys preserved the skin. It makes a handsome hatband.
      To go "soft in the head" means you are stupid or witless. Maybe when it comes to the question of baby animals to eat "your heart melts". Regards-Jamie

    3. The real phrase is "je gagatise" ... But I'm not sure you'll find it, because it's much more an expression.
      I like your story about the fox ! I'm impressed that your husband and your sons skinned and tanned it !!
      Is the skin soft ? My rabbit (!!) has got a very very soft pelt and I use to say I understand why for so many years, we used rabbits to make coat.
      I saw a fox just once in my life : when I was a child, I had a lot of cats. And there were a fox who used to come into our garden to EAT our baby cats.
      I was horrified and I wanted my dad to kill him. But, one day, early in the morning, I saw him crossing the garden. He was so beautiful... A big dilemma ... Will I say to my father to not kill him ? And baby cats will keep on being eaten ?... I don't remember at all ! :)
      For the snake, skin too ?? So you're a tanner's family :) Did your son put it on the wall ?
      In my family, it would have been my husband to jump on a chair !! But I couldn't kill it... I only can kill spiders when they come into my home. If they stay out, I don't.
      I just watch 2 seconds where Oregon was in a american map. I'll go on your website for sure, maybe tomorrow ! I will love to discover where you live ! I'll tell you, if you agree.
      Thank you for your precisions, and this comment, Jamie.
      Very friendly.