Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bibendum's adventure ...

The past week end, we spent two days in mountain, with friends. We were in a wonderful hotel. It was a small wooden chalet, just in front of skiing area. 

The room was almost as large as our apartment ! 
Children were running everywhere, magic in their eyes. Too bad we stay only for one night ! 

My husband and his friend went skiing and children went sledging.

I can but don’t like skiing.

Each year, I see February coming with anxiety ! 
Because, in France, for February holidays, it’s skiing time, baby ! Whooo ! Party time ! 

And for me, this is definitively NOT a pleasant time. 

First, you’re wearing snowman’s clothes… 

Please, don’t tell me you feel at ease in those clothes ? Who can feel at ease in the Bibendum’s costume ? Even if it’s thinner than years before, I admit. 

Thanks to gloves, you live, for some days, the incredible feeling of being an astronaut ! When you’re making queue at the ski-tow, if unfortunately, your badge doesn’t work automatically, you need 10 minutes to take off those gloves and 10 minutes more to find your badge in a pocket closed hermetically by a zipper who NEVER get opened when you’ll need it ! 

Just let talk about shoes… No, seriously … SHOES ? THIS ? How can we talk about SHOES ? Shoes must help you to WALK, not to ruin your pelvis just because the creator was fascinated by robots walk !
We're all Robocop, in those shoes. 
Whooo again ! 

Let's talk about skis …
My husband told me they are lighter than before. No ?... REALLY ? I don’t care, their weight is still too heavy for my little and flabby arms ! 

And why, oh why, they never stay attached together ? Why are they always crossing each other, on my shoulders, when I have to carry them on ! 

By the way and to find positive things, I must say skiing, when there’s nobody, in the wood’s silence is fabulous... (Uuuum, not too much wood, ok ?... strangely, trees and ski don't go well together. I mean, for skiers...) 

I love this feeling of immobility, of loneliness, of quiet, peace. 
Unfortunately, I don’t belong to Jet Set and I don’t have enough money to buy a mountain for myself ! 
It means, there are always too much people around me, skiing too fast and too close. 

Sigh … 
I just wait for the summer with impatience ! And I’ll tell you how much I hate people who run, in the sand, close to my towel … :D 
My husband uses to say his life is already difficult with ONE Axelle. He can’t imagine how he could endure … double Axel. 
… He’s got a very poor humour. 

If you want to hear my mare's laugh ... ! Believe, we should not talk when we are filming ! 


  1. What a lovely place for a vacation, looks like you all had a good time. I am with you, no skiing for me. I like to take a book and sit by the fire while others ski or be outside taking photographs until my toes get too cold. I so enjoyed reading your account of the trip. Hope you get to go again and stay in that beautiful room and have fun together. love and payers, jep

    1. Dear jep, i would go with pleasure in ski holidays with you : exactly as you, I love the idea of a book in front of a cheminey's fire with a hot chocolate...;)
      Thank you for your comment, Jep. Very friendly.

    2. Dear Axelle- May I hang out at the Montana with you and jep!? What a beautiful room. Thank you for sharing your vacation weekend with us. I felt like you until I saw the plate of delicious morsels. aaaahh. yum. Then I saw the Michelin Tire Man and did 50 sit-ups and push-ups and ate a yoghurt. Well. No, i didn't. I just 'thought' to do it.
      Have a Blessed Resurrection Sunday.

    3. Yes, Jamie, we take you with us !! :)
      I laugh for our short story with yogurt ! Life is unfair : why good food is always too fat !! :D
      Thank you, dear Jamie, j'espère que tu passes un bon week-end de Pâques en famille :)

  2. The place you stayed is very very nice... too bad only for one night. I'm like you, I can ski, but don't like it.

    1. Thank you, Lea Ann ! This place was gorgeous. But regarding the price, I promise, we couldn't stay more than ONE night !! :D

  3. Wow, the pictures are really nice, I am very jealous of the cheese and charcuterie!!!!!!!! I don't ski either and I feel like an astronaut 6 months per year because it's so cold and snowy here ;)

    1. Chère Dr Caso, je suis heureuse de te relire, je commençais à m'inquiéter. :)
      The cheese was a killer cheese ! SO YUMMY ! And the charcuterie was simply divine. I don't eat like that everyday, but when I can eat those kind of dishes, I don't want to feel guilty ! :)
      For astronaut costume, yes, it's true :D I saw a report on news : they are creating very thin but efficient "snow" clothes, to fight against cold, without being Bibendum.
      It exists !!! :D

  4. What a lovely place! I would love to try skiing, first thing first, I would love to touch and experience snow! After that, I'll learn to ski, but on the other hand, me old bones would not be able to take it! Haha!

    1. You know what we say about skiing ? It's like riding a bicycle : once you know it, you never forget ! You can still try !! :D