Tuesday, April 23, 2013

London Day 2 : Welcome in Oxford !

The second day, my friend, Casanova took us to the mythic Oxford.
It's about 2 hours from London so we went with his car.

First of all, did someone tell them that their wheel are on the WRONG side of the car ??...
Just kidding.

But what a STRANGE feeling to be sit, what for us is considered as the wrong side of the road ! It takes some times to understand where go road and cars !
I think I have yelled one thousand time, while he was driving !

Well ... I was between shout and vomit ... Sorry.
But, believe me ... Never go with an Italian driving in London !  

First, he drives as an Italian ... TOO FAST.
I discovered that, finally, in France, we changed a lot our way of driving (...thanks to policemen who helped us  a lot...), regarding to my Italian friend. 

But, most of all... He talks with hands ! Can you just imagine those elements together ? 
Because car doesn't go on a straight line if you don't keep steering wheel in your hands, right ?
Two hours of karting ! 
After one hour and half, I went obligated to tell him :
"Oh, please, Casanova, shut up and drive or I'm going to vomit in your beautiful car !"
He stopped talking. For the return, I took a medicine to sleep ! Because I knew it was too hard for him to not move his hand :D

I'm laughing but you just have to know I'm the same. I mean, when we were youngER, my husband told me :
"When we're on the beach, I can't lose you (was he trying to ?...). I just have to look for hands flying and you're just connected with !".

Oxford is a wonderful city, as I love them : with old buildings everywhere. We had the feeling to be in Harry Potter's movies. A scene was filmed here, by the way.
It was, for me, the typical english town. As I imagined them. Of course, there are universities everywhere. Weather was a little bit cloudy at the beginning of the day, then went sunny. Magical ambient.
I'm sure this city must be very pleasant to live in. 
Please, follow us.

 I loved those road signs.

 National History Museum

 Typical, isn't it ?

 A college. Which one, sorry, I don't remember...

 Is he showing where's the White Rabbit ??...

 Another College.

 Even bus drive on the wrong side ! ... ;)

 Everything is funnier when it's colored ! 

Christ Church College : such a wonderful and large place ! 

 Take care to not meet Voldemort, somewhere ... 

Who said it always rains in England ??

 An English Ponte dei sospiri !! As in Venice ! ... My Casanova friend is "Romano da Roma" (Roman from Roma). He told us Roman went everywhere ! :)

 No scone... But a TREMENDOUS fudge ! 

 As in London, there are a lot of wonderful parks.

 Rolling stones ?

I just love old cimitery. Don't get me wrong, I'm not morbid. I just think they are really poetic. And I never been scared about cemeteries. They are full of beloved persons. Some are saddest than others. But this old one was beautiful.

I'll post recipe maybe later or tomorrow.


  1. Hi Axelle,
    Is the driver on the right or left of the car? Over here, driver is on the right!
    Beautiful photos of London! The red telephone booth instantly brings "Superman" to mind! Hahahaha!
    Looking at all your beautiful photos, now I really want to go to London!

    1. Ho Joyce ! They drive on the right which is different from France and Europe. We drive on left side. And yes, you're right, I forgot where you live ;D you drive on right side too ! So you can come in London with your own car, without problem. For us, it would be too dangerous !
      By the way, on the pavement, before crossing streets, there are painting words : "LOOK LEFT. LOOK RIGHT".

  2. Dear Axelle, Our youngest son has been to France often on business and has no trouble driving in your country, but in Ireland on vacation hit a large RV, just a little ding and he had paid for insurance on the rental Thank God! It was that driving on the other side and a large vehicle on a tiny road that got to him. ;-) Loved your pictures of Oxford. We watch the Inspector Morse (BBC mystery series) that takes place in Oxford and love it when they show the town and colleges...so beautiful. Maybe it would be worth driving on the other side to see it in person. So happy for you that you got to visit and so glad I was not in the car with your friend or I would have messed up his beautiful car. ;-)
    Thank you for sharing your trip. love and prayers, jep

    1. Dear Jep, I'm glad to know your son came often to France ! Where did he go ? Does he come always on the same town ?
      I understand totally ! 5 years ago, to celebrate our anniversary wedding, my husband and I went to Ireland and we rented an Irish car. I think we had the biggest giggle we never had for years ! Only my husband could drive this car !
      We know Inspector Morse and we like it. You're right, I forgot it was in Oxford. You see this ambient ? This is exactly what I was expecting and what I found in this place. So British :)
      I'm ... "happy" to know I'm not the only one to be sick in car !! :D
      Thank you for your comment, Jep.

    2. Our son's business was only in Paris and sometimes he was able to take his wife. They enjoyed the city so much, but once rented a car and went outside the city. Our son also went to Normandy with his grandfather who was in the USAF during WWII. They were in a rented car that time, too. Our son said the only problem he had was inside the city trying to find the underground return center for the rental car. He kept going around and around and would get passed by cars and bikes going on the sidewalk. He was driving too slowly for the traffic. He did finally return the rental. He is not still over there looking for the place. ;-) jep

  3. I understand, Paris is a very beautiful town. There's such an ambient. I would like to visit Normandy this summer, to discover those WWII's places. Our children are old enough now to understand what happened over there and they studied it at school.
    I understand the problem to leave the car and ... of french drivers reactions !!! :D