Tuesday, April 30, 2013

London : Day ... 5 ! Notting Hill and Portobello Market.

Yes, we jump from day 3 to day 5, but on day 4, we went to visit London Zoo, to please our children.

It's a very beautiful place, but animals are the same in a France or in England or in America or in Spain or in Japan....etc. 

So, please, come to visit famous Notting Hill. 
Such a quiet, peaceful and gorgeous place.

After the Picadilly's rush, I have to say that I loved this district.

I looked very carefully to see if I Nigella Lawson was around, but no more dream for me. If she lives here, I hadn't the chance to meet her.

We end our London Tour by Portobello Market.

Here, I suddenly understood our culture difference.
In France, a market is a very noisy place. In Portobello market, sometimes, I was obligated to say "shhhhht" to my children, because they were the only one to make rumor ! 

Alone, in the tub... Not a ghost station, yet ! Welcome to Notting Hill.
Look how much this subway is CLEAN ! I'm bowled over it.

 People we met were so nice and smiley, even policemen ! 

Crossing Regent Park...

 Hello Alice ! 

 And finally, Portobello Market.

 NO SCONE !! Was I really in England ?

 Can you believe this ?? ... No english scone but french cheese ! 

I'll post a last message very soon. A light way to conclude this great journey.
 I hope you liked this trip as much as we did :)


  1. Dear Axelle-Thank you for all of these posts of your trip. I keep looking at all the photos over and over. What is the place with all of the sewing machines? I agree with you that the areas which you have shared with us are absolutely devoid of any kind of trash or debris or weeds sticking out of the sidewalk. My little bit of the world could take some lessons in housekeeping! Regards-Jamie

    1. Dear Jamie, thank you for your comment : this place was a shop in Portobello. A clothe's shop... AN EXPENSIVE cloth's shop !! :D
      For the housekeeping point... if you could see my home right now ... sigh ... I'm near to depression ! :D
      But strangely, I'm the only one to be concerned by this illness, my children feel totally weel living in this mess !

    2. Well, yes. But I don't like my town to look like a disaster. We may feel comfortable at home with our debris but I like my sidewalks and streets to not resemble one! Children are so resilient. I like to sew so those machines caught my eye. 8 j