Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Some questions remain mysterious...

Who, from the egg or the hen, came in first ?

Is it really a meteorite who killed the dinosaurs ?

What were looking for the first men who created chocolate, from cocoa nuts ?

Does the Lochness Monster really exist ?

How many world's end will we know before the Real One ?

Since we always find plane's flight recorder, after an air crash, why don't we build plane in the same material ? 

How did we know that burning sand would become glass ?

Why do we think that working is living ?

How do we talk about financial crash when money is just printed paper, on the 
best case, and just speculations on the worst ?

Why do we think that to BE happy, we must OWN ?

How Giada de Laurentiis can be so thin, being such a cook ?

Why, when we buy green bananas, we want to eat them now and when we buy them just ripe, we wait until they have gone bad ?

Whey, when you're doing queue at a checkout, is it ALWAYS the checkout next to yours who goes faster ?
And why, if you're changing queue, this is just the moment the cashier needs to change coin roll ?

But most of all, why ... OH WHY ... My little family thinks it's easier to arrange the empty toilet roll in a pretty way than throwing them away, while the garbage can is just right there ?...


  1. Dear Axelle-The way you arranged the chicken in the glass bowl in the first photo is hilarious and I am so glad that you included a shot of the pretty empty toilet paper roll arrangement. I was wondering how they arranged things. Some of those questions really made me laugh. It is so true about the coin roll timing! Guess what we are having for dinner tomorrow? That's right: Chicken and white wine. C'est le meme chose de coq au vin, n'est-ce pas? The Children: "What are we having for dinner, mother?" Me: "I don't know. Let's see what Mme. Axelle is cooking today!" Regards-Jamie p.s. Did you remove the skin of the chicken before you cooked it?

    1. This a wonderful chicken flower, don't you think ?? So poetic ! :D
      ANd for the toilet paper, I thought to call this post "Welcome in my french toilet"... Then, I had some doubts... :)
      Oui, c'est un peu le même principe que le Coq au vin mais le Coq au Vin se fait avec du vin rouge.
      I'm really happy to know you're coming here to find some cooking ideas ! This was truly the goal of this blog, so you make my day ! :)
      You have to keep the skin, because it gives you a lot of flavor. Better make them brown in a separate pan first, this way the skin will be crunchy. And before they are totally cooked, you add them in the mixture.

  2. Yes. Yes. Axelle! I just noticed....and where do I get a chicken with ten legs...? Jamie

    1. Close to Tchernobyl ! This way, you'll see, no need to switch on the light, by night, when you'll go to toilets, you'll be luminous ! :D
      ... Sorry, I'm going out ... =>

    2. And you are a Beacon Of Light, as we say here, in your home because you eat Chernobyl Chicken! Regards-Jamie