Tuesday, March 26, 2013

He told me : "it doesn't hurt !"

Today, I went to my second pulsed laser's session ...

I've got some little stains on my face and as a lot of things in life, it does not fix by itself.

So, one month ago, I went to my dermatologist, for my first session.
He's a 65 years man old and I just like him very much. He's the only doctor I trust. 
I just forbid him to retire !

And to trust a dermatologist when he tells that it's going to "hurt a little bit" is the best thing you can do. 

The only problem, apparently, is that my dear doctor and I don't have the same exact definition of "LITTLE BIT".

"Don't move anymore, it just going to HURT A LITTLE BIT" said this traitor...
Then he pulsed.
Then my body made a right angle with the operating table.
Then I yelled a kind of :"GRRROOOOAAAAARRRR", which meant "Yes, Doctor, you're right, it hurts just A LITLLE BIT, ooooh, how it prickles softly, this is so sweet...".

He replied : "You're a big girl, it's not going to last too long, don't worry".
At the end of the session, I took off my protective glasses and the way I looked at him made him smile :
"I know you're hating me right now."
Such a telepathist, don't you think ?

He added :
"But don't worry, for the next session, you'll get use to."
The next what ?

I came back at home, red as a tomato, with a burning face and swollen as a ball.

But it was nothing regarding the day after. 

When I woke up, I tried unsuccessfully to open my eyes. After a short moment of panic, I said to my husband :
"I have the feeling to be really, REALLY swollen."

He turned up the light and had surprised movement. I went to see my face in the mirror ...

Elephantwoman. I'm not an animal. I'm a human being !
An edema which lasted 3 days.

So today, when I get back to the second session, I said to my husband : 
"Nothing planned for this week-end, right ? No friends, no family, nothing !".
Just me and my Arnica granules. And no mirror.

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