Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Just to tell you ...

As you can see, I've changed once again my template...
I warned you :)

I just wanted to separate recipes from my blablabla.

You've got now the possibility to "come for diner", in my little kitchen and to read my family adventures, my thoughts, my great feat...etc.

This way, you can avoid my gossip, if you just want to know what you can cook tonight !

This is a new beginning, so please, forgive me if the integrality of messages are not arranged this way, at the moment. 
I don't feel courageous enough to put some order, now. I'm working on it for two hours now, and I have the same eyes than my baby rabbit when she had myxomatosis ! 

Thank you to Jamie, who gave me this idea. Just hope you'll like it. :)

Thank you for coming here, wherever you come from, thank you to the ones who come daily or regularly and for the ones who just stop for a short visit. Hope you'll come back !

Axelle the french cook !  

Pics took with my cell ...


  1. What a beautiful place and well done on taking the photos.
    love and prayers, jep

    1. Thank you, Jep ! This is a new challenge for me : to take pictures, not too bad, to post them :)

  2. Dear Axelle-Sigh. Beautiful. You can climb hills and swim in the ocean. So beautiful. What's behind the green door in the wall....There's a song called 'Green Door' by Jim Lowe 1956. It's a fun song. I think you can hear it on you tube. Your green door looks peaceful. I like your new template. Regards-Jamie

    1. Thank you, Jamie. Your last comment "a fait son chemin jusqu'à mon cerveau" and I'll post, time to time, some "french pictures". Oui, j'ai la chance d'habiter une très belle région. The green door hides an old house, almost fallen into ruins. But I love this old wall. And there's a large garden. I would like to be a fly and to go over.
      Thank you for all.

  3. Hi Axelle, I like your new template, it's more straight forward and easier to navigate! Love your blog by the way! I tried the "crepes" recipe and it was amazing! Thanks!

    1. Hi Abbie and thank you to take time for commenting :) It always brings me joy !
      I'm glad to know you liked crepe's recipe ! Some are better, but those ones are easy to bake and they taste very good.
      See you soon, I hope :)