Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lazy as a potato's sofa !

A french expression ... Don't ask me why ! To be a sofa's potato means to be slouch in a sofa, without any energy, just able to watch TV. 

It doesn't happen too much to me, because I'm always running somewhere. 
But sometimes, children are at school at I have a day off. 
So appreciable...

But today, I hadn't the strength to make a complicate diner. So I cooked easy and fast potatoes. 

Here's what you'll need :

  • Potatoes that you won't peel. I use what we can translate by "shots potatoes". I don't know if it's the right translation, but no matter, I'm sure you understand. They are small potatoes that you don't need to peel.
  • Olive oil
  • 5 clove of garlic
  • 3 rosemary's blades
  • A little bit of herbs of provence
  • Salt and pepper.
Your oven must be preheated at 200°C (390°F / Th 7)

Step 1 : 
Rinse your potatoes and cut them in 2 or 4 pieces, depending on their size. 

Step 2 : 
Pick the leaves off the rosemary. 

Step 3 : 
Explode your garlic and add it in the dish with the peel, it doesn't matter. 

Step 4 : 
Add the Herbs, salt and pepper and olive oil and knead all that. 

In the oven for 30 minutes. After this time, take them out the oven and stir them with a large spoon. 

In the oven for 15 minutes more. 
After those 15 minutes, I turn off the oven and I still let the potatoes in for 15 minutes more. 
One hour in totality. They are sweet, and tender. Just perfect. 

Bon appétit ! 


  1. In English you can also use the expression, which is "to be a couch potato" :) And I LOVE these potatoes, except that I don't use the rosemary because I really don't like this herb. I often use these potatoes for brunch, with eggs benedict and a roasted tomato, for example. Yumm :D

    1. Yum, you're right, with eggs benedict it must be UNE TUERIE !! :)

  2. I love these kind of potatoes and make them all the time - fragrant and delicious!

    1. They are easy and very good. I remember my grand father cooking them, when we were at his mother's home !
      Thank you very much for your comment :)

  3. Axelle--Thank you so much for permission to not peel the garlic! I always thought I had to. Now I can say, "This is a very french dish!" and my family will say," oolala!" Boiled eggs will complete that meal for us. I love rosemary and it's a gorgeous plant. I have it planted in my yard. It will be the
    "green vegetable". Water, with a sliver of lemon, for the children will complete this meal and make it beautiful. I'll be drinking a limoncello avec mon mari. Regards--Jamie

    1. Dear Jamie, yes, you can say it :D
      I have to say that everything who can make me save time is A WONDERFUL thing :)
      When you don't peel garlic, it's even better because they are not burned but caramelised. Divine !
      Your ideas to eat with are very good for me and ... LIMONCELLO .... Rhhhoooaar, I LOVE this alcohol ! Je penserai à vous :)

  4. We call if couch potato here. And I'm in love with this recipe. And glad to see that unpeeled garlic. Sometimes I do it out of being a sofa's potato without the energy to mess with it. I really need to use my jar of herbs de Provence more. Potatoes sound perfect for this.

    1. Oh please, yes, use those herbs. They go with a lot of dishes. Most of all, they permit to add flavor to something tasteless, for example.
      I love those herbs.
      And we're all a couch potato one day. It took me time to assume it, but now, I do.
      And unpeeled garlic are the best friend of my "couch potato's day". What do you think about it . We should have a day off called "The Couch Potato's Day" !!

  5. I've been a couch potato lately also! Love this dish, perfect for a lazy winter day...

    1. I teel you, RMW, we need to celebrate those kind of day ! Because human need some couch potato's day, I'm sure !
      ... I'm going to demonstrate ! In france, we're strong for that :D