Friday, December 7, 2012

Just a little ...

... recapitulative of what I'm going to cook on the next days, for Christmas time ! 

1 - Marrons glacés : in France, they cost a fortune ! While they are so easy to make. To be totally honest, it's long. You'll need between 4 and 6 days to make them. But I swear, they taste wonderful and everyone can make them ! 

2 - Foie gras : yes, I know, a terrific way to feed ducks. I agree. Don't want to create a polemic. But I'm weak and I just love foie gras. 
Exactly as marrons glacés, you have to pay it one eye (french expression to say it cost so much that you'll have to send one eye to have it... Just love this expression :)) !
While it's so easy to make, beginning with a crude foie gras. 

3 - My easy Yule Log : don't forget, here, everything must be easy. I'm not Paul Bocuse ! Everyone love it. From children to adult. Simple and good... 
What else ?...

4 - Mendiants : Little pieces of chocolate, called this way (beggar, mendicant), just because of their color. Brown, like the color of frock's poor churchmen, in the middle age.
An easy and inexpensive gift if you like.

I'll begin all that around 13th / 15th of december.

If you want to already have the quantity, for example, or the list of what you'll need before watching the recipe, to be ready in the starting block with me, tell it to me in the comments, please. 

And I just want to show you what I'm going to offer to my mother and y mother in law. 
In our families, we don't make big gifts to adults. Everything is for children. 
But for our parents, we always make a "little thing". Nothing expensive. Just a thought.

For my mother and mother in law, I bought 2 beautiful jar (each one following their kitchen's decoration) and I made them simple vanilla sugar. 
One kilo of white sugar and two vanilla pod in it. Let it for several days. Vanilla pod will perfume your sugar divinely. 
And time to time, when the jar is empty, you just have to add sugar. 

For my mother : 

For my mother in law : 

I'll post a "normal" recipe this week end.

See you soon :)


  1. Replies
    1. Dear Lea Ann, do you mean you would like to taste the one I'll cook or do your want to have the ingredients for challenging your own ? :)
      Just in case, you would need a crude foie gras, weight between 400 and 500 grammes. You can take it frozen. And you'll just need salt, pepper, and a terrine with a lid who can go in oven.

  2. Waou!!
    Il y a eu un énorme bug sur mon ordi et j'étais coincée au 22 aout jusqu'à ce soir. Du coup, quelle surprise de voir toutes ces nouvelles recettes et cette nouvelle présentation. C'est super!
    Et tes petits pots de sucre sont au top ;-)

    1. Coucou ma soeur, je suis trop contente de te lire sur ce blog ! :)
      Ah oui, effectivement, c'est du BUG ! Est-ce que le déblocage proviendrait du fait que j'ai changé de template ? 'a savoir, Charles ...
      Et merci pour les pots, j'espère que le Rose ne sera pas trop flashy pour sa cuisine ;D
      Gros bisous, ma Coco.

  3. Au fait, c'est quelle température pour les meringues?

    1. Rectification effectuée, ma soeur ;D
      Alors, écoute, tu es maintenant obligée de venir tous les jours sur le blog pour vérifier que je n'ai pas oublié des trucs !! Tant pis pour toi !! ;)

    2. ok je vais essayer, mais je triche, j'utilise google traduction, il faudrait que je te lise in english!

  4. Dear Axelle, I am still trying to negotiate the new set up...Anyway, the list of things which you are going to make is awesome!!!!! I have been wanting to make these items. How did you know? I will be reading and watching and making. I will run to the store after you post the ingredients and show me how to make each one. This will be fun! Jamie

    1. Thank you for all, Jamie !!
      OK, be ready on your starting block !! Because we have a serious run to win, Jamie, until the Christmas's line !!

    2. Ha Ha, Axelle, I just found the translate button. And read the conversation between you and Coco. Pretty racy stuff! Jamie p.s. I also just put a vanilla bean pod in my sugar jar.

    3. So I'll be careful the next time :D
      Just kidding, nothing is secret here, I assume everything I write ! Coco is one of my three sisters, and at the moment, the only one who knows about this blog.
      For vanilla pod, this is what I do all the time with used pod, for example. I never throw them away in the dustbin.

  5. Axelle-this is really fun! You should see what your blog looks like in Thai or Afrikaans or Greek!
    I would NEVER dream of throwing away any vanilla bean pod or any part of it! Vanilla bean is worth more than gold here in the good ol' USA. The thought is shocking indeed! The sugar is the perfect place to stash it. Jamie

    1. I did it in Russian, Japanese and Ethiopian !
      For vanilla bean, is it a rare product in USA ?
      Anyway, vanilla beans have a lot of flavor, even when they are used. So we can't throw them away !

  6. Axelle-Vanilla bean is not rare here. Large grocery stores will carry it but not the mom and pop stores. $7 for three pieces at my store today. Did I buy some? No! I used one of the beans a friend gave to me. They recently moved here from a french island by Mauritius called Mayotte. She gave me 12 vanilla beans. I will give them to my eldest girl when I die! Jamie