Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Exception ...

Today, I'm not going to share with you a recipe. I'm sorry for one of those who came here just for that. 
It won't happen too often, don't worry.
But today ... It's Christmas decoration's day ! 
You know, in france, for a lot of people, fall is a sad period. 
In Provence, we've got the "Fête de la Chataigne" (Chestnut  celebration) who last a week end in november.
But generally, there's no festive time during this period and we're waiting for Xmas with impatience. 

In my family, we use to decorate Xmas tree and home from 25th november (or so) to 10th january, for Epiphany.

We have an artificial tree for many reasons : 

  • I don't like the idea to cut a tree for our selfish pleasure.
  • I bought a tree years ago, it is always with us !
  • As our "celebration time" is a little bit long, I'm not sure a real tree would last for almost 2 months. 

So today, I'm going to share with you some pictures of our home. Hope you'll like it ;)

Family time.

Some of our decoration's tree.

Some of our home's decoration.

In our home, Santa Claus is really coming from the sky ... 
In reality, we hang it up on centre light, in the middle of the room. 
Generally, at the end of Xmas's period, my husband hit him right in the face several time ...
I like to give him some challenge in our daily life.
And generally, we can say we're lucky if Santa Claus is still alive, because my husband's reaction can be violent.

Our family welcome Santa Claus !!... 

Yes... We're a playmobil family. 

Even a rabbit has the right to celebrate Xmas. And for once, not in a plate ! ... ... Sorry ... ;)

See you soon for a new recipe, I promise ! 


  1. Axelle--Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your Seasonal Doings. Don't forget the Nativity! The way you decorated Rabbit's House is charming. Jamie

    1. Thank you, Jamie. In our family, the only one who makes the Nativity is our little girl. She makes the Crib in her bedroom and the donkey and the ox are next to Barbie's dog and Pet Shop's monkey ... ! :)

  2. Oh Beaucoup Adorable, Axelle! Merci merci pour le partage de votre famille avec nous.

    1. I just LOVE when foreign people speak my language. Merci à toi, Sweet, pour ces gentils mots. Cela me touche beaucoup.
      I will always love that. Thank you so much sweet.