Monday, December 24, 2012

Marrons glacés - Last day.

Finally ...
Here's the last step for your marrons glacés.
They dried for 24 hours. 
You just need to end them, with the famous sugared topping. 

Your oven must be preheated at 180°C (350°F / Th 6).

Step 1 : 
Take 150 grammes of icing sugar and 12 tablespoons of your chestnuts syrup. 
Whisk it to prevent lumps. 

Step 2 :
Pour this mixture gently on your chestnuts, with a brush or a teaspoon.

Step 3 : 
In the oven for 3 minutes, no more ! 
And here your marrons glacés ended ! 

Let them dry for 4 hours and offer them ! 
You'll see how much they are better than the one you buy in shop. 
You feel the chestnut and not only the sugar.
In my family, they are really loved.

Most of all, I keep the syrup who is just divine on an vanilla ice cream or in a nature yogurt, for example.
I keep some jars and I offer it too.

I wish un JOYEUX NOËL  to you and all the people you love.

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