Saturday, October 19, 2013

Atelier Fraisier (Strawberry cake workshop)

First, I want to thank you all for your help, dear you !
I received your comments and mails and really, truly, I felt lucky and glad to have all your ideas and recipes.
In two weeks, I'll be in holiday for some days, I think I'll try one or two recipes at this moment and of course, I'll post them.

I have to read your links and ... TO UNDERSTAND THEM !

Because, ah ! I realized one thing : dear anglo-saxons readers, you're SO strong and clever to come and read my blog ! Most of all if you cook my recipes !!
Because ALL is different between our countries !
Inches, cups, onces, liters, cups, fahrenheit, celsius ... Why life is soooo complicated ? Sigh ...
So, I must translate FIRST and I'll cook after :D

Today, I want to share with you some pictures.
Last year, in november, for my birthday, four of my dearest friends offered me a voucher's cooking lesson.
I was very happy and just had to find the necessary time, you know...

Almost one year after ( it was coming almost obsolete !), I took my short courage between my hands, and with a friend, we decided to this morning in this workshop.
To learn to prepare a Fraisier.

"Holly cow", as my dear Internet friend, Dr CaSo taught me in a comment ...

One entire morning to make a cake !!
Of course, we learned to prepare E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. But, OMG ! I won't do it ANYMORE !

I'll post the recipe soon, when I'll receive it from the pastry chef.
Today, I'm just going to share with you some pics of this experience. Great experience. And only experience ! AH !

Follow me :)

My sweet, dear, loved and only fraisier of my life. And I must warn you : If someone tries to touch to my rose, I'll wrench all his fingers !
I made it twice. I was very proud of my first rose. The pastry chef came, looked at it and said :
"Right ... Yes ... She's nice. But do it it again !". And he crushed my rose !!! ...
Of course, I crushed his head.
He laughed.
And I did my rose once again, glowering at him and at everyone one who tried to approach myself.

We spent a good morning, really. And we'll eat this cake tonight, for sure.
Except the rose.


  1. Dear Axelle, What a beautiful wonder you are so proud of it! That cake looks like it will taste marvelous, delicious, scrumptious and yummy, too. Great photographs to show your work and it does look like a lot of work. Enjoy the cake and know that you can make more roses in the future now that you know how...if you want to make more roses. I would like to eat them, but I am not sure I want to know how to make them. I can hear my family demanding "Roses" all the time. ;-)
    love and prayers, jep

  2. Dear Axelle-This cake looks delicious! I am interested to see the recipe. Up just before the cakes were put in the refrigerator, I was able to sort of follow along. What happened next? It also looks gorgeous. I take it that's not bologna under the knife in the next photograph. What does a Provencal Woman prepare for her family when she's on vacation from us? Will you be off somewhere interesting of relaxing chez Axelle? Regards-Jamie

    1. "....OR relaxing chez Axelle?......"

    2. Wonderful job on your one-of-a-kind (for you anyway) dessert! I'm sure it was yummy!

  3. Fantastic! A Fraisier was one of the cakes we made in a pastry class many years ago. I loved it, and was actually able to recreate it at home, although it took all day, and many bowls and dishes! Yours is just beautiful!

  4. I am super impressed, félicitations :D Your rose looks gorgeous and your fraisier absolutely delicious, you must feel so proud of yourself :)

    For the cups and spoons and everything else, remember that now you have everything you need since I sent you the stuff! Look at the small numbers written on the handle of the cups/spoons (1/4 cups, etc.) and that's all you need. So 1/4 cup of milk is the same VOLUME as 1/4 cup of flour, for example. You don't need to weigh anything, it's super easy! For the temperatures, 180ºC is 350ºF. There are many conversion websites online for ounces and other fun stuff like that :)

  5. Wow! And Holy Cow! That cake looks incredible. You are right to be proud...especially of that beautiful and perfect little rose. I have tried and failed to make roses. Mine never came out even close to looking like yours. Well done!

  6. I read this tonight (and the comments below) and thought of your previous post ;)

  7. Hi Axelle,
    That is a beautiful cake. And you have done a superb job with the rose, it is very pretty!
    What a wonderful class!