Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy new year !

Two years ago, a friend of mine told me : 
"Axelle, you should create a blog !".

I denied. To create a blog ? For what ? There are millions and millions cooking blog. 
And I'm not a cook. I mean, I love to cook for my friends or my family. But I'm not a great cook. I'm just like million others.

And if I cook, I have to take pictures. And have a look to all the cooking blogs with their marvelous pictures... I'M NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER EITHER !

Last year, I've watched a Nigella Lawson's show. I love her. 
And she said something... 
She said she loved italian cooking better than french cooking, because it was easier and without too much sophistication. 
As you know, french people have a lot of defaults ... Yes, we know ... :)
And one of them is that we are chauvinist ...
We can criticize our country, and we do it often. But we're the only one. 
If someone else do the same, we will defend and protect our traditions, country, way of living, of thinking, even if we're not totally sincere. 

So ... Hearing Nigella, my Goddess, my Hero saying that ... I had to do something ! 
And little by little, born the idea to create a blog, written in english, for all the foreign people who want to know how we really cook.
I've decided to make my weak points becoming the goal of this blog. 

I'm not a great cook. It's true. So, you'll see a normal french woman cooking in a normal way. Without sophistication.
I'm not a photographer. It's true. So, you'll see pictures without prodigious effects. Without sophistication.
...I have to admit I would like to improve this point ... :)

I hope you like to read this blog as much as I love to write it. 
I hope you understand my bad english and it doesn't prevent you to understand how to cook my recipes... 
Thank you for all, because without you, without readers, a blog is useless. 
Thank you for all of you who come once or twice or regularly. 
Thank you for your comments that I love. Really love.

Together, we'll keep making this blog alive. 
Welcome in my french cuisine !

PS : Nigella, if you read this blog, don't worry, I forgive you. I still love you. You're still my Goddess... 
And this blog is a little bit thank to you :)

Bonne Année 2013 !


  1. Hi Axelle,
    Happy New Year! Blogging is so addictive! Especially to people like us who love to cook and bake! I was talked into by my sister to start a blog, since I love to bake! I was hesitating at first, imagine typing down all the recipes, practically have to be a "writer" and was worried about my English! Well, one thing lead to another and that was 3 years ago! Have not looked back since, only looking forward! Hahaha!
    Nice to know you, thru your blog!
    Cheers to more delicious posts to come!
    Wish you and your family all the best in 2013!

    1. Dear Joyce, thank you for all your comments. You're so right ! My sister began a blog on the same time as me and she said exactly this word : Addictive !
      Thank you so much for stopping here.
      Happy new year, too !

  2. Hahaha, I love your reason for starting this blog :) You are a great cook because you love to cook and share. Plus you make marrons glacés so in my eyes, you are an incredible cook!! Plus you make me laugh :) Plus you write in English, which is super courageous! So thank you for all your work and for inspiring us! May 2013 inspire you even more and bring you a lot of readers and comments and good food and fun times!

    1. Dear Dr CaSo, you can't imagine how much your words touch me.
      You love Marrons glacés ... I promise, that's really REALLY REEEEEAAAAALLLY easy ! Believe me ! If you were closer I would be happy to make you taste those ones.
      Thank you for all your help when I was in panic in front of Blogger ! And thank you for stopping here and commenting each time.
      See you soon :)

  3. Dear Axelle-We no longer have Julia Childs. You must continue to be your self and show us how to cook. The culture of the family and eating together! You've taught me that I, too, can roll a cake (please show me how to do a homegrown duck). Your recipes are fabulous and many are now our kitchen staples. I love your photographs and your videos are really helpful. You are a true wit! Your english is fabulous! May your patriotism continue to inspire you because I have benefited greatly from your passion. So, I drink a toast to Nigella Lawson, bless her comment. And I raise my glass to you and your awesome cooking. God's blessings to you and your family in this next year! Regards-Jamie

    1. Dear jamie, thank you so much for being so kind with me :)
      And you're one of my biggest cooking pride :I'm truly happy you succeed to roll a cake ! Really !
      Your words overwhelm me, Jamie. And I thank you for being such a supporter ! :)
      I hope you'll keep on reading and loving recipes I'll post.
      You asked me for duck, but I replied, I never cooked an entire duck. Only cutlet. And I don't even know where I coudl buy and entire duck ! Believe me, I'm sorry !
      Thanks for all, Jamie.
      Happy new year to you and your big family too :)

  4. This is a great post.
    I am so happy you are blogging and showing your simple delicious food...

    1. Dear Donna, I'm always happy to read you here;)
      An believe me, too ... I still remember your helping hand. Thanks to you, I discovered internet could be so kind.
      Happy new Year to you and all your family which is becoming bigger and bigger :)

  5. Axelle, I loved reading this - love knowing about the beginnings of your blog. I've said it before, you inspire me and I have used your recipes. Most recently I made the roasted potatoes to go along with my french inspired Chicken and it was a great success. And so easy! Thanks for blogging.

    1. Dear Susan, you know which is the biggest joy of writing this blog ? To know that some people all over the world really cook "my" recipes.
      This is like if there were a powerful link. I know some people cooked the green olives chicken of my mother in law ... She was very proud to know her chicken was traveling to NY !! :D
      That's something really great.
      Thank you for your words, Susan and for commenting.

  6. Love reading your blog :)
    Erin in CA

    1. Thank you very much, Erin ! And most of all, thank you for taking time to post this comment :)
      See you soon here ;)