Saturday, October 26, 2013

I'm so sorry, but ...

I can't do it anymore ...

I'm really sorry, I'm going to stop this blog for a while.
I'm unable to be on each front of the battle and I can't find necessary time to do everything in my life.

As I already said, I thought I could be Shiva.
I thought I would be able to work, take care of my children, of my home, able to cook, to create and make live a blog, to keep on writing shorts stories too (which are published on internet), and I have to accept I can't do it anymore.
I don't have enough time in a day.
Twenty four hours are not enough.

I'm just tired at the moment and my daily life is a little bit hard, busy and complicated.

I don't like blogs where posts are written once a month or more, and this is what I'm doing now...
Maybe I'm too demanding with myself.
Maybe I should accept to post just time to time.
And maybe this is what I'll do, one day.

Believe me, it's a hard decision I'm taking.
I hope it will just be for a short period. Just a break.

Thank you for all of you, readers who became friends or just single visitors. I loved each moment we crossed together and I've learned a lot thank to the blogosphere.

If some of you want to contact me, you can do it with my mail address, no problem. I would be glad to read you and reply to you. :)

As we say in french :"ce n'est qu'un au revoir", which means this is just a goodbye, not a farewell.
Hope to see you soon, friends.
Thank you FOR ALL.


  1. I understand the need to take a break from parts of our life sometimes. I hope you'll return to the land of blogging someday, I've so enjoyed your stories and recipes. Take care!

  2. Dear Axelle, Sometimes you just need a break. I so hope you will be able to come back when you are ready. I will keep you bookmarked and check in from time to time. You continue to have my love and prayers, jep

  3. Dear Axelle-What jep said is what I say. I will continue to make and bake your delicious provencal food. Thank you for sharing all of these goodies with us and your amusing stories. I will look forward to perhaps a resumption of your blog. Know that you will be missed and thought of daily in the interim. God bless you and yours. Best regards-Jamie

  4. Hi Axelle - I will miss your blog. I loved reading about your life and the meals you prepared your family. Thank you for sharing, always with humor! I'll keep checking back to see if you start up again after a break. I understand how busy your life is. You deserve a break. Some of us will be waiting for you! Enjoy your sabbatical. Nancy Peacock, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  5. (Hi Nancy, I live in the same city :))

    Oh, this makes me sad (that you feel so overwhelmed)! I wish I could help. Remember that you have many friends who think about you and love your blog even if you don't write here often :) Bon courage pour tout et grosses grosses bises!!!!!

  6. Hello Axelle, I have been traveling again - and just saw this upon my return to Zurich. It is so understandable that you should need a break. Take the time you need to catch up on daily life and if you feel rested, please return! It's so good to have your illustrated recipes to refer to and use for our own families. take care!

  7. Dear Axelle, We just heard on the news that the storm affecting England, also hit France. We hope you and your family are OK. Keeping you in our prayers, jep

  8. You will be missed - I have learned some great tips from your blog. Hopefully, you will enjoy a good break and return soon!

  9. Hi Axelle,
    All the best to you! Should you decide to come back to bloggerland, please do let us know!

  10. Dear Axelle, how did I miss this? I hope you will come back to your blog when you feel ready. I have really enjoyed reading your recipes and stories. I'm happy to have you as my French cooking friend! Take care! Claudia